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1. Which of the following pertains

1. Which of the following pertains to the amount of time people take to

prepare for an interview and their overall job performance and satisfaction?

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A. Openness to experience

B. Agreeableness

C. Surgency

D. Dependability

2. “Because of their narcissistic tendencies, these leaders often get quite a

bit done. But their feelings of entitlement and inability to learn from

experience often results in trails of bruised followers.” Which dark-side

personality trait is defined by this statement?

A. Bold

B. Excitable

C. Skeptical

D. Cautious

3. Dutiful leaders

A. Tend to blame others for their mistakes

B. Frustrate and disempower their staffs through micro-management

C. Deal with stress by sucking up to superiors

D. Are unconcerned about the welfare of their staff

4. Which dark-side personality trait is often associated with extremely high

dependability scores?

A. Excitable

B. Diligent

C. Skeptical

D. Colorful

5. These managerial types have gained insight into their dark-side traits and

have found ways to negate their debilitating effects on followers.

A. Competent Managers

B. Results Only Managers

C. Cheerleaders

D. In Name Only Managers

6. A person’s all-around effectiveness in activities directed by thought is


A. Motivation

B. Intelligence

C. Perception

D. Cognition

7. Intelligence

A. Affects behavior equally across all situations

B. Is relatively easy to change

C. Can be inferred in different ways

D. Can be modified through education and experience

8. ‘Adequate organization performance is possible through balancing the

necessity to get work out while maintaining morale of people at a

satisfactory level.’ In terms of the Leadership Grid, what leadership

orientation does this signify?

A. Team management

B. Country Club management

C. Impoverished management

D. Middle-of-the-road management

9. These skills and behaviors do not involve interacting with others and are

among the most difficult to change.

A. Intrapersonal

B. Interpersonal

C. Leadership

D. Business

10. Competencies concerned with analyzing issues, making decisions, financial

savvy and strategic thinking constitute the

A. Intrapersonal skills category

B. Leadership skills category

C. Interpersonal skills category

D. Business skills category

11. Community leaders

A. Have positional power

B. Can get tasks accomplished

C. Tend to have fewer resources

D. Can discipline followers who do not adhere to organizational norms

12. The leadership competency of helping a group or community recognize and define its opportunities and issues in ways that result in effective action is

A. Framing

B. Building social capital

C. Mobilization

D. Interaction facilitation

13. Leaders can motivate followers with strong _____ values by giving them

opportunities to improve society and help others who are less fortunate.

A. Affiliation

B. Hedonism

C. Altruism

D. Security

14. What is the motivational strategy of followers with strong scientific values?

A. They enjoy analyzing data to get at the truth

B. The more they are paid, the more they are motivated to work

C. They are motivated when they work in organizations that have strong


D. They believe fame, visibility and publicity are important

15. Leaders who suffer from extrinsic motivational bias falsely believe followers

are more motivated by

A. Job security

B. Money

C. Recognition

D. Helping others

16. Some people are motivated to persist in certain behaviors for the simple

reason that they like to do them. This is called

A. Extrinsic motivation

B. Overjustification effect

C. Intrinsic motivation

D. Observer effect

17. Which of the following statements concerning the overjustification effect is


A. The overjustification effect occurs in a number of situations

B. Rewards seen as providing “informational” value typically result in a decrease in intrinsic motivation for the task

C. Overjustification effect is more a reality than a myth

D. External rewards may backfire if they are given to people already

intrinsically motivated to perform the tasks

18. What are the most powerful determinants of task behaviors, according to

Locke and Latham?

A. Values

B. Goals

C. Abilities

D. Needs

19. Receiving conflicting information from two or more people about their

expectations for your work behavior reflects

A. Intersender role conflict

B. Intrasender role conflict

C. Interrole conflict

D. Person-role conflict

20. This role conflict occurs when a store manager encourages a salesperson to

mislead customers about the quality of the store’s products when this

behavior is inconsistent with the salesperson’s values and beliefs.

A. Interrole conflict

B. Intrasender role conflict

C. Intersender role conflict

D. Person-role conflict

21. A person is experiencing _____ if he/she wonders, “Just what am I

supposed to be doing?”

A. Role ambiguity

B. Role conflict

C. Role overload

D. Role insufficiency

22. These are the informal rules that groups adopt to regulate and regularize

group members’ behaviors.

A. Values

B. Norms

C. Meanings

D. Groupthink

23. The sum of forces that attract members to a group, provide resistance to

leaving it and motivate them to be active in it is called

A. Group polarization

B. Social facilitation

C. Group cohesion

D. Punctuated equilibrium

24. One of the disadvantages of highly cohesive group is finding that, people

in such groups often become more concerned with striving for

unanimity than in objectively appraising different courses of action. This

phenomenon is called

A. Groupthink

B. Punctuated equilibrium

C. Overbounding

D. Ollieism

25. A highly cohesive group with members who overstep their boundaries or

even violate laws to please the leader illustrates

A. Groupthink

B. Ollieism

C. Overbounding

D. Teamwork

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