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Why do the proponents of basic testing

Why do the proponents of basic testing

1. Why do the proponents of basic testing believe that it will improve educational quality?
2. Your family tells you that you were born in Tarrant County but you have lost your birth certificate. Which Tarrant County office should you contact to obtain a replacement?
3. Which of the following officials is in charge of voter registration in most of Texas counties?
4. Which of the following statements is TRUE about school performance in Texas?
5. Which of the following legal disputes is an example of a civil case?
6. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the process of judicial selection in Texas?
7. Which of the following Texas courts would hear a case involving the violation of a city ordinance?
8. A tax imposed on the extraction of natural resources, such as oil, coal, or gas is known as a
9. A tax levied on the manufacture, transportation, sale, or consumption of a particular item or set of related items is known as a
10. A tax on businesses chartered or organized in Texas and doing business in the state is known as a
11. An individual who wanted to shift the burden of state taxes away from middle and lower income families to upper income families would favor which of the following policies?
12. Based on political science research, which is the best explanation for the state’s historic reliance on severance taxes on oil and gas production?
13. Texas has a sales tax burden that is
14. Economists who favor tax systems designed to promote economic growth believe that which of the following taxes has the largest negative impact on economic growth?
15. Family A earns $20,000 a year, Family B earns $40,000, and Family C earns $100,000. Which of the following tax systems can most accurately be described as progressive?
16. In 2009, the state lottery accounted for which percentage of total state revenue?
17. The budget proposal that is considered the most seriously by the legislature is initially drafted by which of the following?
18. Which of the following gambling taxes has generated the most money?
19. Which of the following is an accurate description of the Texas tax system?
20. Which of the following is an example of a sin tax?
21. As of 2009, which of the following is the largest item in the state budget?
22. Which of the following is the most impiortant source of tax revenues for the state of Texas?
23. Internet businesses that have no stores located in Texas
24. Which of the following purchases is NOT subject to taxation?
25. Which of the following state budget categories benefits most from federal funding?
26. Which of the following state officials is required by the texas constitution to give the legislature an estimate of state revenues for the upcoming two-year budget perios?
27. Which of the following state taxes does Texas government not levy?
28. Which of the following is a state tax on corporate income?
29. which of the following taxes reflects the ability-to-pay theory of taxation?
30. Why did the Texas Supreme Court find texas’ system of financing public education unconstitutional?
31. A justice on the Texas Supreme Court who disagrees with the decision of the court may issue which of the following documents?
32. A maintenance man decides tosue a homeowner for $450 for failing to pay him for services performed. In which of the following courts would the maintenance man be able to file suit and present his case without having to hire an attorney?
33. A plaintiff is known as which of the following?
34. A number of political scientists have developed quantitative indexes to measure the official powers of state governors. According to these measures, how do the official powers of the ogvernor of Texas compare with the powers of other state governors?
35. Although the governor of Texas prepares a budget to submit to the legislature at the beginning of a session, lawmakers typically ignore the document submitted by the governor in favor of a budget documebnt drafted by which of the following?
36. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the backgrounds of governors of the state of Texas?
37. How can the governor’s veto be overwritten?
38. How is the lieutenant governor selected?
39. How is the speaker of the house chosen?
40. In general, who decides which bill gets serious examination in committee and which do not?
41. In State A, voters elect a governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer and several other executive officials. Which of the following most accurately describes State A?
42. In the Texas House, committee chairs are chosen through which of the following processes?
43. In which of the following circumstances would a conference committee most likely by created?
44. Mark-up occurs at which stage of the legislative process?
45. On which of the following measures does the governor enjoy a line-item veto?
46. Suppose identical bills are introduced in the House and the Senate. The House eventually passes the bill, but it is defeated in the Senate. What becomes of the piece of legislation?
47. The legislature passes a bill in the last few days of a sessions and the governor vetoes it after the legislature has adjourned. What becomes of the bill?
48. The mayor and council of a small city are unsure about the impact of a new state law on their city. Which of the following state officials would they contact for an official opinion as to the meaning of the law?
49. What is the main purpose of an interim committee?
50. Which of the following individuals may officially introduce a bill in the Texas House of Representatives?
51. Which of the follwoing is responsible for managing the state owned mineral rights and state owned lands?
52. Which of the following is responsible for oil and gas regulation within the state of Texas?

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