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HIS 274 The Holocaust test 3

HIS 274 The Holocaust test 3

HIS 274 The Holocaust test 3, On Sept. 1, 1939, German invaded __________. Sept. 3, France & Britain declared war on Germany. The 2nd World War began.

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Question 1 options:



Question 2(2 points)

Question 2 unsaved

At the core of the Holocaust Era was the ideology of hatred. This dogma was translated into genocide & ‘Final Solution.’ By 1942 the Nazis had temporarily conquered and controlled a great empire – from France to Moscow, and from Latvia to French Tunisia and Italian Libya. They instituted Hitler’s master plan for a ‘________’ – to organize the continent into a single political & economic system ruled from Berlin & dominated by the ‘Aryan race,’ based on exploitation, terror & extermination. German resettlement & exploitation of agricultural areas by ‘inferior’ people who would be treated harshly

Question 2 options:

New Order
New Continent
New Empire


Question 3(2 points)

Question 3 unsaved

At the core of the Nazi ideology was a deadly vision of a racially pure society. The Nazis believed that the “useless mouths” (the chronically ill and the physically and mentally defective/challenged) had no right to live -unworthy of life; they Nazis turned to ___________ as a means of eliminating the “unfit” Aryan from Germany. On September 1, 1939, Hitler signed an order ‘granting’ such individuals the right to die. The Nazis killed hundreds of thousands of ‘useless’ individuals by gas or lethal injection, in a mercy-killing program, T-4, so-called _____

Question 3 options:



Question 4(2 points)

Question 4 unsaved

The T-4 program became the model for the mass murder of Jews, Roma (Gypsies), and others in camps equipped with gas chambers that the Nazis would open in 1941 and 1942. These veterans of the T-4 program would later bring their experience to the _____.

Question 4 options:

Death camps


Question 5(2 points)

Question 5 unsaved

The _____was the code-name for the mass destruction of the Polish intellectual elite. Over 10,000 Polish Catholic priests, teachers, artists, writers, politicians, technicians & political leaders were murdered in the 1st months of occupation. 1000s sent to concentration camps

Question 5 options:

A-B Aktion
A-Y Aktion
A-P Aktion


Question 6(2 points)

Question 6 unsaved

Sept. 29: Nazis & Soviets divide up Poland. The central section (with Lublin, Krakow & Warsaw) was set aside to become a German colony, the ‘General Government,’ under the Nazi governor, Hans Frank; 1.3 million Jews lived there. __________, Gestapo chief and head of the SS with overall responsibility for implementation of the ‘Final Solution’ of the Jewish Question, was appointed to take measures to strengthen German ethnicity in the occupied territories, to create lebensraum or living space for German citizens, and to create ‘mobile killing units’ charged with liquidating all political enemies of the Reich behind the front lines.

Question 6 options:

Heinrich Himmler
Joseph Goebbels
Adolf Eichmann


Question 7(2 points)

Question 7 unsaved

For Germany two wars commenced: one against western European allies and the another against the Jews. Confronted with the ‘problem’ of millions of Polish Jews now under German control, the head of the Reich Security Main Office and Chief of the Security Police, __________, was entrusted with devising method to deal with Poland’s Jews, and was directed to implement a policy that became the penultimate stage in the evolution of the ‘Final Solution.’

Question 7 options:

Reinhard Heydrich
Joseph Goebbels
Adolf Eichmann


Question 8(2 points)

Question 8 unsaved

On September 21, 1939, a decree outlining the policy of the internment of Poland’s Jews in sealed quarters or ________ near railroads was issued. Following the conquest of more territories with Jews living there, the Nazis introduced a policy of deportation of Jews by cattle train into the sealed quarters, which served as excellent fodder for forced free labor; its inhabitants in many areas were forced to become slaves for German industry in factories built alongside or within its walls. A Jewish administrative Council or ________ implemented Nazi policies & decrees.

Question 8 options:

ghettos; Judenrate
jail; the Elders of Sion
ghettos; the Elders of Sion


Question 9(2 points)

Question 9 unsaved

________ was the chief engineer in charge of the system that transported Jews from all points of Europe into Nazi hands. Later, this Nazi officer traveled from country to country that was under German occupation to systematically plan the deportation of the local Jewish population to the death camps.

Question 9 options: Holocaust

Adolf Eichmann
Joseph Goebbels
Reinhard Heydrich


Question 10(2 points)

Question 10 unsaved

The Nazis sought to create horrible inhuman conditions in the Jewish sealed quarters. Deliberate policy and other factors such as ________, caused daily fatalities.

Question 10 options:

overcrowding, lack of fuel & sanitation
malnutrition, starvation, and disease
a and b


Question 11(2 points)

Question 11 unsaved

_______ convinced poets, artists, physicians, journalists, social scientists, & rabbis to contribute diaries, & reports, to preserve the history of life in the Jewish sealed quarter, and to document Nazi inhumanity.

Question 11 options:

Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum
Dr. Janusz Korczak
Dr. Chaim Weizmann


Question 12(2 points)

Question 12 unsaved

On November 24, 1941, in an 18th century fortress town near Prague, in northwestern Czechoslovakia, the Nazis developed their “model” ghetto, _____, to counter rumors in the international community about the poor conditions in the ghettos.

Question 12 options:


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