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  5  One ___ of the NT is  connected with the Apostle   Paul. (p.127)

 5  One ___ of the NT is  connected with the Apostle   Paul. (p.127)

 7  This title for Jesus is the  most important early   confession of faith about   Jesus–it means “Master” or

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“God.” (p.118)

  • Paul planned to make a journey to Rome (his   introductiory letter is in the   NT) and after that travel on   to ____. (p.134)
  • The Hebrew title “messiah” got translated into Greek as   the title ___. (p.117)

 12  He started a Christian  community in Samaria.


  • This leader of the Jewish- Christians in Jerusalem   agreed with Paul about the   Gentile Christians at the   Apostolic Conference, but   then later added some food   restrictions for Gentiles.   (This infuriated Paul, see   Galatians 1-2; pp.132-3)
  • Paul’s preaching caused a riot of ___ in Ephesus.

(why? p.134)

 17  This Aramaic expression  means “Our Lord come!”


  • Right after his conversion, Paul disappears for more   than 10 years (more like 16   years) going to ____, Syria   and Cilicia. (p129)
  • Paul had NOT been a disciple of Jesus. (p.129)
  • Stephen was the leader of the later ____speaking   Christians that joined the   Jewish-Christian community  in Jerusalem. (p.124)
  • On his second missionary journey, Paul travelled with   Silas and ___. (p.133)
  • When Paul witnessed Christ risen from the dead,   he felt he was called (like a   prophet) to be an apostle to   the ___. (p.129)
  • Paul’s Letters in the NT were written as early as ___  (p.115)

 29  The first churches Paul  established in Europe were   in ___ and Thessalonike.


 31  The key issue of the

Apostolic Conference in

Jerusalem  (Acts 15) was

____. (p.132)

 34  For Luke’s Gospel, Jesus  was declared “Son of God”   at his ___. (p.118)

  • The belief in a Messiah who was crucified is a ____ or   stumbling block. (pp.116-7
  • Paul’s hometown was famous for its teaching of  ____ philosophy. (p.128)  42  Persecution of Stephen’s  group in Jersusalem forced   them to ___. (p.125)

 46  In Acts 2, the Jewish-  Christians in Jerusalem   practiced a ___ of goods.


  • Paul practiced this occupation on his travels.


  • This gospel writer also  wrote the Acts of the   Apostles in the NT. (p.115)
  • For Mark’s Gospel, Jesus was declared “Son of God”   at his ___. (p.118)
  • Paul spends two years in Rome in this status. Acts   ends its story right here,   with Paul preaching   “unhindered” in Rome. (no   space, p.135)
  • Paul’s letter, 1 Corinthians 15, written about 54 AD   contains one of   Christianity’s earliest   recorded _____. (p.116)
  • This Greek word means the second or final ‘coming” of   the Son of Man “in power.”



  • Paul got stoned and whipped numerous times by  poaching the Gentile “God-  fearers”  in training for the   Jewish faith called   ______who gathered at   (pp.131-2)
  • 1 Corinthians 15 records ____ different appearances   of Christ risen from the   (some to individuals,   one to the 12 apostles,   some to “all apostles” and   one to “more than 500   believers at one time.   p.116)
  • Paul probably spent some time in ___ in Ephesus. (p.


  • Peter converted this Roman army officer. (He was the   first Gentile convert; p.125)  5  While in Jerusalem with his  offering and Gentile   followers, he went to the   ___ where a riot broke out   and he was arrested. He   was sent to Rome for trial.


 6  Paul’s Partner in teaching in

Antioch. (p.129)

 8  The Apostle Paul saw the  risen Christ and converted   to Christianity near this   Syrian town. (p.125; which   Christian group already   formed a church there?)

 11  For an early Christian  confession found in Paul’s   Letter to the Romans 1:4,

Jesus is declared “Son of

God” at his ____. (p.118)

 13  Before his conversion, Paul  was a ___. (p.128)

 16  For Greeks (in their myths)  the title “Son of God” meant  the person so designated   was a ___. (p.118)

  • Paul’s hometown was ___. (p.128)
  • He saw the first Christian killed for his faith in   Jerusalem and later   changed his name to Paul.


  • The Acts of the Apostles was written around ___ AD.


 23  The Greek word for  “Church” is ecclesia. It   means___. (p.122)

 25  Stephen’s followers founded  the first real Gentile-  Christian church in this   important Syrian town   where Jewish Christians   joined with Gentile   Christians who were not   required to be circumcised   and were allowed to eat   together with the Jewish-  Christians (violating the   Law of Moses; what were   they called here for the first   time? pp.126-7)

  • Right after Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion, his disciples   (p.115; except for   whom? This is not

mentioned in your book but   we read it in class.)

  • For the Apostle Paul and

____ Christ is the eternal   Son of God from the   begining of creation. (p.118)

 30  This Pauline Letter is the  earliest book in the New   Testament (ca 50 AD).


  • Stephen was the first Christian ____. (What did   he do? pp.124-5)
  • Once Pauls starts his missionary journeys, his   standard proceedure in   each new town was to go   first to the ____.  (p.129)
  • Paul gathered money from his Gentile churches in   Macedonia and Greece and   brought it (along with some   Gentile Christians) to

Jerusalem as a charitable   “contribution” for the ____.


  • An inscription to a Roman Proconsul named ___ helps  us date Paul’s arrival in   Corinth to about 50 AD.   (p.134; an important piece   of archaelogical evidence.)
  • Paul wrote most of his ___ letters from Ephesus.


  • Stephen’s group of Christians in Jerusalem   were called the __. (What   happened to them? p.124)

 41  After his resurrection, the  titles applied to Jesus tend   to get more ___. (p.117)

 43  In the OT, (for Jews) the  title “Son of God” usually   referred to a ____. (p.118,   remember royal psalms)  44  In Acts 2, the earliest

“Jewish-Christians” in   Jerusalem spoke ____ and   worshipped at the temple   EVERY DAY. (p.122)

 45  Paul was probably executed  by emperor ___ sometime   between 60-65 AD. (p.135)

 47  She is Paul’s “main man” in  founding and governing his   church in Corinth, Greece.


 50  Only __ uses the title “Son  of Man” in the NT. (p.117)

 53  Paul’s longest stay in any  city was Ephesus for more   than __ years. (p.134)

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