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Assignment – Cite and Correct Using Risk Assessment

  1. Assignment – Cite and Correct Using Risk Assessment
  2. InstructionsWe will discuss several standards/regulations (Eg: Walking Working Surfaces, Machine Guarding, etc) under unit 4 (See Course Schedule) during this semester. For this assignment/project, each student is to identify two hazards for each standard/regulation we will discuss each week. Moreover, each student is to spot at least two hazards and come up with a corrective action(s) for at least 5 standards/regulations (10 hazards total – 2 hazards x 5 standards/regulations) of your choice.This assignment/project has THREE PARTS:

    PART 1:
    Each identified hazard should have the following components (Item 1 ~ 5 below) in a paragraph format. Meaning, JUSTIFY/SUPPORT your statements:

    1) What kind of exposure does each hazard have on employee ? What is the hazard? What could go wrong? Think in terms of “What ifs?” or “What could happen?” In this section, you are to describe a situation(s) and discuss what could happen (2pts).

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    2) Who would be at risk? Be specific group of individuals who would be at risk meaning don’t just say “employees” or “students” are affected. Rather be sure to JUSTIFY your position/response. (2pts)

    3) If you were an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspector or CSHO, which SPECIFIC standard/regulation would you cite this hazard under and WHY? You must provide exact standard (eg: 29CFR 1910.261(a)(1)(i)….) and state what it says AND relate your identified hazards with the standard/regulation. Eg: What was violated, etc. (6pts)

    4) What is/are the abatement(s) or control measure(s) for each identified hazards and why? In other words, what or HOW would you correct this situation and WHY? This is where you must discuss “Two Stage Approach.”

    It is important for you to select an appropriate corrective measure(s) to protect your employees. Again, we are here to protect human. We can’t just say “Just because.” We will need to have a good reasoning or justification as to WHY we take certain approach to protect human and property. Therefore, strong justification (use APA format when citing) is critical in this section. Moreover, this is where you must use at least two “credible” resources to supportyour corrective actions. (5pts)

    5) Identify Risk Level for each hazard you identified. When you determine risk level, it is crticial that you JUSTIFY as to why you selected certain Frequency and Severity level. (5pts)

    Each identified hazard must contains above five elements.PART 2:
    Once you identified 10 hazards (two hazards/standard), you are to prioritize those hazards from most critical to least based on item 5 you did in Part 1. Furthermore, each student will need to describe each hazard, in terms of severity and frequency AND PRIORITIZE as to which hazards need to be control the most. (10pts)

    Hazards: Risk Level = Frequency x Severity

    PART 3:
    Based on the above findings, you are to create 1 page report that includes above findings. Remember, one page does not necessary mean a vertical view of 8 1/2 by 11 paper. When you submit this REPORT, think in terms of you submitting this report to your boss. (This is a hands-on practice as to how you will compile a report. If you don’t know how to develop a report, I encourage you to research to determine types of report and come up with your own version. Remember, most you will most likely to submit a report in a future that is not more than one page……

    Summary of this assignment/project:
    Hazard 1&2 (Contains: above item 1 ~3) Total possible 40pts
    Hazard 3&4 (Contains: above item 1 ~3) Total possible 40pts
    Hazard 5&6 (Contains: above item 1 ~3) Total possible 40pts
    Hazard 7&8 (Contains: above item 1 ~3) Total possible 40pts
    Hazard 9&19 (Contains: above item 1 ~3) Total possible 40pts
    Prioritize above 10 hazards using Risk Assessment Total possible 10pts
    One page report. 10pts

    Assignment 4/Project worth TOTAL OF 220pts.>
    (Due date for this assignment/project can be found in your Course Schedule.)

    IMPORTANT NOTE:Although this assignment/project won’t be due until towards the end of the semester, your instructor will check your progress unannounced. Therefore, it is critical that you complete your task almost every week. If requested, each student MUST submit his/her findings within 12 hours via email. (With proper email heading.)

    Again, please be sure to keep in mind about “a paragraph format” and SUPPORT your responses. In other words, justify your responses.

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