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ASSIGNMENT HELP | Choose five items from the observation form and reflect upon what you observed. 

Reflection Paper Guidelines

While participating in the online group fitness class, keep in mind the items on the observation form as you will need to take notes. Obviously you may pause the video but that will not allow for you to engage in a true 30-minute workout.

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Following the class, use the form and your memory to recall and reflect upon the class, teacher, and participants. Reflection is not writing a summary of the class as I have watched, participated in, and taught classes and you will have already summarized the class on the observation form. Reflection is a process of becoming a professional future educator. 

Choose five items from the observation form and reflect upon what you observed.  For example:  if you decided the instructor had poor classroom management, explain why you thought it was poor (wasting time, did not make use of extra time, ended early, etc…), and provide a way you would change it in your future. Or, if you liked the way the instructor used a variety of teaching strategies, explain why you liked them and whether or not they would be useful in a P-12 setting.  Do not simply tell me the instructor used music for warm-up. Yes, that is typical in all group fitness classes.  Explain what type of music, the level of appropriateness, how it matched the style of the class, and whether or not you would use it. 

Reflection papers should be two pages, typed, and double-spaced.  Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are necessary as it is important to develop proper writing skills as a future professional. If you struggle with writing, please use the link to the library to sign up for tutoring:

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