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ASSIGNMENT HELP | From the scenario students will critically explore how effective critical reasoning and decision making contributes to meeting patient need and improving outcome.

Details of Assessment: There is a single Summative Assessment demonstrating complexity of decision making in assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of care. Although the major focus will be on a patient presenting with physical health difficulties, students will need to offer a biopsychosocial perspective demonstrating how the polarization of physical and mental health has been avoided. Students will be given a patient scenario and will write a 3,000 word essay focusing on care aspects relevant to their field. From the scenario students will critically explore how effective critical reasoning and decision making contributes to meeting patient need and improving outcome. This will enable students to draw on some of the theoretical perspectives explored during the module so that the learning outcomes are met. The nurse’s role will be an important focus but students will need to demonstrate that they understand the importance of shared decision making in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care. Although symptom management is an important area additional dimensions are to be considered which can influence how well individuals cope. This will involve addressing psychosocial factors as well as reflecting on how policy in terms of service delivery can promote client centered care. The care plan has to be attached as an appendix. Decision making: – Understanding clinical reasoning, judgement and decision making in health care. – Decision Making Frameworks (Standing/ Tanner/ Levett-Jones et al).


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Assessment- (Using observation and systematic approaches):

– Assessment frameworks/Assessment tools

– Problem solving, data clustering/analysis and developing critical thinking through justification, deductive an‌‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‍‌d inductive reasoning


– Gathering subjective and objective assessment data

– Significance of diagnostic /laboratory data

– Making sense of symptom presentation Symptom Management

– A biopsychosocial perspective (Standardization in decision making):

– Making sense of and responding to symptoms – Multi modal approaches

– Policy/evidence based guidelines Promoting mental health:

– Aetiology of mental health problems

– Depression in people with physical illness

– Facilitating recovery and rehabilitation

– Caring about careers Effective Care Planning (Collaboration in decision making):

– Individual v standardization

– Effective documentation

– Writing diagnostic statements (Patient problems/Needs)

– Development of care plans

– Setting short and long term SMART goals

– Facilitating empowerment/effective communication

– Collaborative decision making/ respecting autonomy – Introduction to self-management


Learning outcomes to be assessed: Within the context of caring for patients/ clients you will be able to:

1. Apply in-depth knowledge which underpins clinical reasoning and decision making in the assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of patient centered care.

2. Utilize a systematic approach in gathering and interpreting data and respond appropriately where there are signs of deteriorating physical and mental health.

3. Critically evaluate available evidence in the selection of a range of nursing interventions contributing to improved patient outcome.

4. Critically reflect upon individual clinical judgement and decision making and the extent to which this is informed by local/national policies and guidelines

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