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ASSIGNMENT HELP | You have now read a bit about the inside view of dental consumer health, science-based health care,

You have now read a bit about the inside view of dental consumer health, science-based health care, mental health and behavioral help, the CAM movement, chiropractic consumer health, and the basic building blocks of nutrition. For this activity, an essay, you are to consider how the knowledge you have gained in this module has or is changing how you view, think about, and consider consumer health based on dentistry or nutrition.


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Pick one of the following prompts to write about. Remember to use your formal writing skills (formatting APA, double spaced, New Times Roman or Arial 12 point – and – include specific references to both your experience and content from the textbook and module links.


  • Before reading the chapter about dental consumer health you had perceptions about dentistry. Some of those perceptions about dentistry were misconceptions-explain what those misconceptions were? Talk about how you identified that they were misconceptions. Specifically explain what information prompted your change in perception. Describe what you have learned and how you will use what you have learned about dentistry as a consumer.
  • OR
  • Nutrition is a large part of our lives – because we all have to eat to survive. You learned about the basics building blocks of nutrition in Module 2. Identify what was the most shocking information that you learned about basic nutrition and explain why it made such a large impact on your learning. Explain if and how that information that you learned will change your daily nutritional habits? Describe the rationale for not making or making the change in your daily nutritional habits. Based on your perception and personal experience do you believe a majority of the public understand and know the information you learned? Explain how the public would benefit from learning the information you learned from the nutrition chapter.


Write a 3-5 page APA formatted, double-spaced, New Times Roman or Arial, 12 font essay with in-text references where needed to credit your sources. For a quick APA reference in citing sources see webpage at: 


Please include a cover page that includes your name.


  • The link below will take you to website. As of 1-12-19, you will see a note regarding the current partial U. S. Government shutdown that may affect the updating of this website. Nonetheless the website has valuable health consumer information. For example on hte left-hand navigation bar check out the “My Plate” information. My Plate replaced the old food pyramids approach. Click on “Link” to be taken to the website for exploration.
  • NIH and Chiropractic- Under the Nation Institutes of Health’s Complementary and Alternative Medicines’ information is this website about chiropractic. Click on “Link” to be taken to this very interesting website for your exploration of consumer issues and more.…
  • SAMHSA- The U. S. Department of health and Human Services’ (HHS) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a very good website for you to explore. There are many programs regarding substance abuse and mental health issues that can be valuable to consumers seeking information and health educators as they function as resource persons. Clink on “Link” to be taken to the SAMHSA website
  • Critical Thinking Skills for Dental Students- This article from the the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) may be of interest for dental hygiene students enrolled in this Consumer Health class. The article is about how dental students are taught critical thinking (CT) and critical thing skills (CTS). Click on “Link” to be taken to the article.

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