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Bell Grove Case study

Bell Grove Case study

Bell Grove Medical Center Ms. Gene Dempsey manages the emergency care center at Bell Grove Medical Center. One of her responsibilities is to have enough nurses so that incoming patients needing service can be handled promptly. It is stressful for patients to wait a long time for emergency care even when their care needs are not life threatening.

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Ms. Dempsey gathered the following information regarding the number of patients over the last several weeks. The center is not open on weekends. Does it appear that there are any differences in the number of patients served by the day of the week? If there are differences, which days seem to be the busiest? Write a brief report summarizing your findings.

Date Day Patients
9-29-06 Monday 38
9-30-06 Tuesday 28
10-1-06 Wednesday 28
10-2-06 Thursday 30
10-3-06 Friday 35
10-6-06 Monday 35
10-7-06 Tuesday 25
10-8-06 Wednesday 22
10-9-06 Thursday 21
10-10-06 Friday 32
10-13-06 Monday 37
10-14-06 Tuesday 29
10-15-06 Wednesday 27
10-16-06 Thursday 28
10-17-06 Friday 35
10-20-06 Monday 37
10-21-06 Tuesday 26
10-22-06 Wednesday 28
10-23-06 Thursday 23
10-24-06 Friday 33

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