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Business Ethics final exam

MBA 6301, Business Ethics final exam

Business Ethics final exam, In April 2010, the explosion on the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon drilling rig killed 11 workers and injured 17 others. The rig continued to gush oil into the Gulf of Mexico until it was capped on July 15, 2010.

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The well was declared effectively dead by the United States federal government on September 19, 2010. By this time, almost 5 million barrels of crude oil leaked into the Gulf.

Marine and wildlife habitats were damaged, and tourism and fishing industries were crippled along the Gulf Coast. Fishing grounds, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and beaches across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida were threatened by the spill.

The economy of this region was damaged by the spill. Many businesses were forced to close, and many people were left unemployed. The BP oil spill is considered an example of why many businesses and organizations need better corporate responsibility standards.

Write 300-400 words on the ethical issues surrounding the BP oil spill incident of 2010. The following questions can be used as guidelines for your essay, but it is not required that all of these questions are answered.

You can use your textbook to support your argument, and you can write your essay using word processing software (i.e., Microsoft Word).

The use of the internet is prohibited for this assignment. Spelling and grammar will impact your grade. Make certain to proofread your response carefully before clicking on the submit button.


Why is the BP oil spill considered a matter of corporate social responsibility?


Discuss the BP oil spill in relation to business ethics.


Which stakeholders were affected by the oil spill? How were these stakeholders affected?


The natural environment is considered a stakeholder. What is BP’s responsibility to the environment?


How will this crisis affect the way businesses create their strategic plans?

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