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Capital Valuation Paper

Capital Valuation Paper (5 points).

· Resource: Financial Outcomes Paper(week two paper and resources).

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· Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you justify the current market price of the organization’s debt, if any, and equity, using various capital valuation models. Refer to the companies financials, determine what debt they have issued(bonds), equity(common stock, preferred stock). You are evaluating the value of those instruments. Chapter 6 covers valuation models for bonds. Chapter 7 covers valuation models for stocks. Look at the valuation in comparison to the actual market value of the stock. Look at the industry, how does it compare.

· Show calculations that support your findings, including those involving rates of return.

· Defend which valuation model best supports your findings.

· Format your paper according toAPA standards

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