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Case Scenario Special Education and Related Services

Case Scenario Special Education and Related Services

Using the “Case Study: Bryanna, continue the scenario by describing the student progressing through the 10-step special education process required by IDEA 2004, using \”The Basic Special Education Process under IDEA 2004\” as a guide. Complete this assignment in 1,000-1,250 words

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The IDEA requires states to establish procedures to ensure that all children withdisabilities are properly identified and evaluated.” [Rus08] The process is broken down into 10steps. First step in this process requires the identification of children who are in need of services.During the second step of this process students are evaluated and eligibility is determined. If achild is determined to be eligible for services it is during step 5 when an Individual EducationProfile (IEP) meeting is scheduled for the student. During step 6 the students IEP is written. Step7 of the process indicates that services is then provided. Step 8 includes the child’s progressbeing measured. During step 9 the IEP is reviewed again. Finally step 10 of the procedurerequires the child to be re-evaluated for services. This paper will thoroughly analyze the processfollowed by the team in which they have identified Bryanna a 3rdgrade elementary student asneeding services under IDEA. The team is at the beginning stages of providing her with Tier 3intervention.Bryanna’s school officials referred her for services based on the results of her test scores.During the initial process Bryanna’s parent’s if they had noticed her struggle could have referredher for evaluation. However, based on the school’s procedure she was monitored and recognizedby her teachers as needing interventions. Bryanna was tested in both Reading and Math becau…………………………….

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