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Cervical Cancer Research Proposal

Cervical Cancer Research Proposal

What do you want to find out/ examine or explore?

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What is the main question / statement you wish to answer/ explore?

Have you included a specific target population and location/ context in your research question / statement?


What are the key areas which will be addressed in this research proposal?

Background and Rationale for the study:       

Have you read around your research topic?

Have you provided background information of important historical and contextual events/ research which informs the reader about why and how the research problem you are interested in exists?

What other studies have been conducted and what is their relevance to your research topic?

Why is this research topic important to your field of practice?

Where appropriate, have you evidenced the research problem with relevant statistical evidence supported by relevant literature sources?

Have you objectively justified the research using relevant literature sources?

Aim and Objectives    

What is the aim of the study – what do you want to achieve? (Identify one aim)

Does the aim of the study relate to your research question/ statement?

What are the objectives of the study?

Do the objectives listed address the chief aim of the study? (identify at least 3 objectives)

Methodology & Justification

(All students must select  Secondary Research over Primary Research)

Have you explained the selected methodological approach, i.e. secondary research? Have you explained the strengths and limitations and supported this with relevant literature?

Have you justified the selected methodological approach secondary research versus primary research and supported this with relevant literature?

How will you conduct your literature search, i.e. literature search strategy?

What search engines and academic/ professional data bases will be accessed?

What organisations will also be accessed for data?

What relevant key words will be used in the literature search?

Have you explained your literature search exclusion and inclusion criteria and justified it?

Ethical and Bias  issues

How will you ensure that data utilised (from peer reviewed journals & research papers) addresses ethical issues?

Have you identified any areas of potential bias and how will you address them?


2000 words.

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