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Community-Oriented Policing

With your instructor’s approval, select one of the
following topics for your paper:

  • Community-Oriented Policing
  • Terrorism–Security Policy for Large Events
  • Leave Policy for officers to work with
    governments in foreign countries
  • Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Policy
  • Human Trafficking Policy
  • Organized Crime Policy
  • Cyberspace/Technology Policy
  • Educational and Training Policy for officers,
    mid-level managers and executives
  • Reducing prison overcrowding


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a 2,100-2,800- word paper in which you research the relevant statistics,
facts, resources, and public opinions to develop your own local, statewide,
or federal policy related to your selected topic. Your policy paper should
include statistical, factual, and public opinion history information which
supports your policy claim. Be sure to identify all stakeholders (e.g.,
politicians, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, correctional officers
and administrators, law enforcement officers and administrators, victims,
law-abiding citizens, etc.) and their opinions as it relates to your proposed
policy and how politics may impact its implementation. Additionally, provide
policy recommendations and the rationale for these recommendations and their
impact on contemporary criminal justices issues and globalization.

your references properly consistent with APA guidelines.

Note. In
addition to the University Library, the National Criminal Justice Reference
Service has many articles reflecting contemporary criminal justice policies.

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