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Compute the average cost of debt for a corporation whose long-term debt


Compute the average cost of debt for a corporation whose long-term debt consists of the following:

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Bonds ($1,000 face value, semi-annual coupon payments)
Type Amount Outstanding Coupon Rate Prevailing Rate Years to Maturity
Mortgage Bonds $170,000,000 6.00% 5.00% 25
Debentures $ 50,000,000 9.25% 10.00% 5
Subordinated Debentures $ 12,000,000 9.00% 10.50% 4
Convertible Bonds $ 8,000,000 8.25% 7.75% 10

At a marginal tax rate of 40%, what would be theafter-tax weighted average cost of its debt? (20 points possible)


The long-term debt of Bayboro Industries, Inc. consists of bonds with an average cost of 7.5% and term loans. If the firm’s tax rate is 40%, and bonds comprise 74% of total long-term debt, what would be the average cost of the term loans if the weighted average after-tax cost of debt is 4.578%? (10 points possible)


Consolidated Frooble, Inc. has an issue of cumulative preferred stock paying an 11.5% annual dividend. If the issue had a 7% flotation cost and a $100 par value, calculate its capital component cost. Why isthe capital component cost of the preferred stock different from the annual dividend rate?HINT: An answer that merely states the flotation cost is the reason the cost of the preferred stock is different from the annual dividend rate is not a sufficiently detailed answer. (10 points possible)


The Potable Ethanol Corporation uses the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to compute its cost of existing common equity. If the firm computes its common equity cost at 21.30% using the CAPM and estimates the risk-free rate is 1.5%, what value does the firm use for returns in the stock market if the firm’s beta coefficient is 1.5? (15 points possible)


A firm has a capital structure consisting of 60% long-term debt at an average cost of 9.8%, 5% preferred equity at a cost of 10.5% and 35% common equity having an average cost of 15.5%. If the firm’s marginal tax rate is 40%, what would be the firm’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC)? (10 points possible)


Cockroach Bay Mining is contemplating investment in new technology for processing phosphate rock. The operations manager reports the cost to purchase and install the new machinery will be $75,500,225. He estimates the equipment will produce $5,000,000 in annual savings over its 40 year life. Compute thepayback period in years and the Net Present Value of this investment. (10 points possible)


Evaluate the capital project below. Your firm has a hurdle rate of 15.75% for capital projects of this type. The initial outlay for the project is $65,500,000 and the project is expected to generate the following cash flows over its 15 year life:

Year Cash Flow Year Cash Flow Year Cash Flow
1 $2,100,000 6 $4,600,000 11 $5,900,000
2 $3,500,000 7 $4,350,000 12 $6,000,000
3 $3,750,000 8 $5,000,000 13 $6,300,000
4 $4,250,000 9 $5,700,000 14 $6,250,000
5 $4,500,000 10 $5,500,000 15 $6,500,000

For the project, compute the payback period in years, the Net Present Value (NPV) and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Prepare asuccinctsummary of your findings and recommendation. (25 points possible)

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