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As a consultant the first thing we need to figure out is what positions are available


As a consultant the first thing we need to figure out is what positions are available, and how many employees do you need per position? Once that is determined then we can come up with a plan that will help us reach our goal. So let say for the sake of conversation we need 37 FTE (Full Time Employee). Are you willing to say two PTE (Part Time Employee) equal one FTE? I guess that will depend on the requirements you put set for the PTE.  We are going to do the obvious to get the word out that we are hiring (job boards, social media, word of mouth, and flyers). In order to get these employees we need to set up a selection process. We have to determine what kind of employee we want in our organization. On the application we can have some disqualifying questions. Once they go through the in ital application and they meet your qualifications on paper, it is time to bring them in for a in person interview. During a interview there are certain questions you can and cannot ask. I will provide training to the people that will do the interviews to make sure that they stay away from questions that would spark a law suit. After the interview and you make an offer, order the drug screen and background check.

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The method of job analysis I would recommend would be job requirements job analysis, this is going off on the type of industry I am trying to staff. Obviously you want people that are able to complete the job that was in the job description but you also want them to pick up other skills as well. That’s why in all my job descriptions I always put “other duties as assigned”. That gives you the option to add extra duties to a person that wasn’t listed in the job description. This actually helps a person build more skills because they go above their limits. You also want to make sure that they are meeting the task that are given to them.



As a consultant, you are hired by the organization as an outside looking in prospective. The consult would have to know the vision or way ahead is for that particular brand. Certain jobs have task associated at that particular level. The job analysis will be in depth and determine how each position compliments the other. I would evaluate the positions needed to effectively operate the convenience stores owned by the owner. The duties and responsibilities will determine what qualification are suitable and where positions can assume some risk. Each store may not require what the next store needs based on the customers and sales. Some positions may need to be full-time and other part-time. As the analysis is conducted of positions, I ensure I am aware of ethics laws and the demographic makeup of each store location. Job postings would have to be cost effective for a small business owner. Flyers can be posted on message boards throughout the communities and in local unemployment offices, this are free. For the manager slots, internet platforms will maximize applications and inviting to a responsible work force.

The job requirements analysis is more in depth, than the competency based which is a general analysis. Job requirements job analysis yields information helpful in the recruitment, selection, and employment domains in such activities as communicating job requirements to applicants, developing selection plans for KSAOs to focus on when staffing a job, identifying appropriate assessment methods to gauge applicants’ KSAOs, establishing hiring qualifications, and complying with relevant laws and regulations (Heneman, Judge, Kammeyer, 2012). If the analysis produces detail requirements, then the most qualified will be selected.

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