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current pressures on China, Jamaica, and America expressed in the article

current pressures on China, Jamaica, and America expressed in the article, how would ethics play a role in decision making for financial, environmental, and cultural issues?


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How are the concepts of positive and normative economics reflected in this context?


How do market efficiency, economizing, and the market system affect these ethical issues?

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Price and Consumer Behavior


Research the elasticity of beef and eggs in regards to price changes. How do supply, demand, and price controls interact to affect equilibrium price of eggs? Why do customers have a more elastic buying response to beef than to eggs?

What would be the consumer buying response to Coca-Cola® if the price of Pepsi® doubled? If the prices of Coca- Cola® and Pepsi® remained constant, what would be the consumer’s typical buying response to these products
if their income was reduced by 30%? Suppose all carbonated beverages tripled in price. How would the
concepts of utility, income, and substitution predict consumer behavior based on the rise in the cost of carbonated


Ethical Challenges and Agency Issues

Adverse financial situations occurring throughout the 20th century led to government legislative interventions regarding corporate financial accounting on several occasions.

Resource: Cost Management

Readthe following case studies from the text:

  • “Timely Reporting of Budget Problems Case Study” on pp. 388 & 389 (Ch. 10).
  • “Level of Executive Pay Case Study” on pp. 605-607 (Ch. 15).

Writea 700- to 1,400-word paper, 350 to 700 words for each team member, analyzing the ethical challenges as well as any agency issues. In the same paper, explain how the 1933, 1934, and SOX Acts were reactions to financial crises arising from similar challenges.

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Week 4

Individual: Ethics of Penn Square Bank and the Dow Corning Bankruptcy

Resources:This week’s Electronic Reserve Readings

Conductadditional research, and then answer each question in two 350- to 700-word responses:

  • Penn Square Bank: What were the ethical pressures on the firm concerning documentation, credit extension, and revenue recognition that lead to the final collapse? What should have been done to reduce or offset these pressures?
  • Dow Corning Bankruptcy: What were the business’ ethical challenges involved in filing bankruptcy for Dow Corning? Analyze the actions of the two parent companies, Dow and Corning, that represent the largest ethical issues.

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Internal Policies

Your firm must establish internal policies regarding the creation of business contracts as well as electronic communications (e-mail) including document retention.

Draftthe internal policies as a team. The policies should be clear and include a set of procedures.

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