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D6 Language Dialects

D6 Language Dialects

 Look over the lecture on Language Dialects (posted in Canvas) and watch the videos Mapping American Dialects and CBS Dialects (which we watched in class on Friday April 14th).  Keeping in mind that dialects vary by place, in other words people can speak the same language differently in different places/regions, identify some words that reflect the dialect of the place where you grew up or of a place that has had a significant impact on your life.
  1. Identify and briefly describe the place from which you came or that is important to you.
  2. List and describe at least 5 words that express the dialect of that place. Define or explain what is interesting about each of the words.

Mapping American Dialects (Links to an external site.)

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CBS Dialects (you will have to watch this on YouTube after you click on the link)

 (Links to an external site.)

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