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Define globalization

BUSN419 I001 Sum 13: Forums

Forum 1 – Globalization

Define globalization; include the impact it has for organizations and managers. Include the pros and cons of globalization for business.

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Week Two Forum – International Trade Theory

Identify one international trade theory; describe it and include how/why it was created. Using a business/organization example discuss how the international theory has affected that business in the globalization environment.

Forum 3 – International Business Strategy

Explain 2 different strategies of international business and evaluate why each is appropriate and when each is not. Use organizations as examples during your evaluation of each strategy.

Forum 4 – Exporting and Importing

Explain the promise and risk of exporting or importing, and identify the information sources and government programs to help exporters or importers.

Forum 5 – Foreign Exchange Market

Describe how organizations interact in the foreign exchange market. Include the advantages and disadvantages of conducting global business using the foreign exchange market. Use examples to help support your discussion.

Forum 6 – Entering Foreign Markets

Compare and contrast Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and other forms of International Business.

Forum 7 – Global Marketing

Identify one global marketing strategy and using a specific organization as an example, identify how they successfully implemented the strategy to market globally.

Forum 8 – Differences in Culture

Provide an article summary of how cross-cultural communications can impact (harm or help) situations for the international business manager. Provide at least one example.

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