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A responsive, mobile-first living style guide website that includes the following:

  • A home page
  • The Living Style Guides page from the Prep for unit activity
    • You are encouraged to further develop this page based on any feedback you receive.
  • Colour palette
    • There are plenty of online tools to help you select a colour scheme
    • Check your colour schemes against WebAIM’s colour contrast checker
  • Common styles
    • Typography examples
    • Table and form examples
    • Layout/grid examples
  • At least 5 components
    • These can be navigation ideas, summary cards (card based design examples) etc… examples of useful HTML and CSS

Adding Java

The Brief:

Use unobtrusive JavaScript to add additional components to your living style guide.

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  • Where appropriate update existing components.
  • You may also want to enhance your style guide overall with JavaScript


  • Local database storage
    • A user of your site should be able to enter, retrieve, change, and delete information held in a database
    • Input should be validated in browser
    • You should use form elements for user input
    • An example feature may be to “pin” components and styles to a favourites list, which provide in-page links back to them.
    • Be creative, just because you’re not accessing a “real” back-end doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you are
  • Event listeners
  • A user should be able to perform actions on your site based on interaction with a page
  • Demonstrate event listeners within your components




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