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Directions: Select the best response for each. Please post your selections in the Blackboard response section

Directions: Select the best response for each. Please post your selections in the Blackboard response section numbered 1-30 with response to each corresponding question.

Due: Sunday at midnight for each week of this course.

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Scenario 6.1

Use the following to answer the questions.

Consumers use information from many sources when making purchasing decisions, including information from friends and family members. One of the most dissatisfying consumer experiences is with auto repair. Aware of this, Karla has asked several of her friends and family members where they have their cars repaired, since she has been experiencing a problem with her car starting when the weather is cold. Karla has heard that Skola’s Auto Repair has reasonable prices, but it can be difficult to get an appointment. However, one of her friends, Steve, had a very poor experience with Skola’s. Once he complained to them, they fixed the situation and now he prefers their auto shop over others.

1. Refer to Scenario 6.1. The type of problem solving that consumers use to select an auto repair shop would normally be

a. intensive problem solving.
b. extended problem solving.
c. routinized response behavior.
d. selective problem solving.
e. limited problem solving.

2. Refer to Scenario 6.1. A dissatisfied Skola’s Auto Repair customer told a friend about his experience. The friend has been a long-time Skola’s customer and the next day, didn’t remember what her friend told her. This is an example of

a. perceptive perception.
b. selective exposure.
c. selective distortion.
d. receptive exposure.
e. selective retention.

3. Refer to Scenario 6.1. The change in Steve’s behavior toward Skola’s Auto Repair, caused by the company’s response to his complaint, is a function of

a. perception.
b. motivation.
c. attitudes.
d. learning.
e. influence.


4.Refer to Scenario 6.1. Positive feelings generated by satisfaction with Skola’s response will become part of Steve’s

a. personality.
b. motives.
c. social class.
d. role.
e. attitude.

Scenario 6.2

Use the following to answer the questions.

Both the Toyota Sienna and the Nissan Quest were very popular choices for family vans. Toyota noticed that the majority of its customers were families with 3 or more children, and so they developed commercials that featured larger families. They also produced commercials that featured Hispanic-looking actors and for some markets, in Spanish. Alicia Desario and her husband were currently shopping for a van for their family. As Alicia listened to an advertisement on the television about the Nissan Quest, she noticed that the Nissan cost about $27,000 and had gas mileage of about 17 mpg. She recalled an earlier ad for the Toyota Sienna, that also cost about $27,000, but had gas mileage of about 21 mpg. She also liked the way the family was portrayed in the Toyota ad, showing the children in the back seats having plenty of room, watching the DVD players, and having their own sound controls. When she spoke to Carlos, her husband, about how much she liked the Toyota van, he replied that it had too low of gas mileage at only 16 mpg. Since Alicia didn’t agree with that number, he produced a magazine ad that supported his claim of the 16 mpg for the Toyota. Alicia couldn’t believe that she had made such an error in hearing what the gas mileage was for the Toyota and the Nissan.

5. Refer to Scenario 6.2. The fact that Alicia had remembered the gas mileage of the Toyota Sienna incorrectly is most likely an example of

a. selective expression.
b. selective retention.
c. perceptual extension.
d. perceptual bias.
e. selective distortion.

6. Refer to Scenario 6.2. Carlos’ knowledge of the correct gas mileage is an example of the ____ component of his attitude toward the Toyota, while Alicia’s feelings about the children in the commercial being happy in the Toyota van were an example of the ____ component of her attitude.

a. cognitive; affective
b. cognitive; behavioral
c. affective; cognitive
d. affective; behavioral
e. behavioral; affective


7.Refer to Scenario 6.2. Toyota’s production of commercials that featured Hispanic actors and the Spanish language is an example of marketing to

a. cultural self-concepts.
b. social classes.
c. subcultures.
d. roles.
e. social strata.

8. Refer to Scenario 6.2. Since Alicia and Carlos were using gas mileage as one of their evaluative criteria, they are most likely in the ____ phase of the consumer buying process.

a. problem recognition
b. external search
c. evaluation of alternatives
d. purchase
e. post-purchase

Scenario 7.1

Use the following to answer the questions.

Samsung is entering the home appliance market with its new French Door Refrigerator. In designing the production facility, it has a need for various pieces of equipment, including the perpetual assembly belt-drive, quasi-assembly pods, and finishing stations. The purchasing agent for the appliance division is inquiring about who will be needed for input on the purchasing decision. Samsung has already contacted several producers of the quasi-assembly pods, and has begun negotiations with their sales representatives.

9. Refer to Scenario 8.1. What type of business purchase is Samsung undertaking?

a. Modified rebuy
b. Straight rebuy
c. New-task
d. Straight purchase
e. New rebuy

ANS: C PTS: 1 DIF: Difficult

OBJ: 07-02 Identify the major characteristics of business customers and transactions.

NAT: AACSB: Analytic | MKTG: Strategy MSC: Application

10. Refer to Scenario 7.1. Which of the following groups should Samsung not include in its buying center for the new equipment?

a. Purchasing agents at Samsung
b. Eventual users within Samsung
c. Potential future Samsung customers
d. Gatekeepers within Samsung
e. Senior managers at Samsung


11.Refer to Scenario 7.1. What was the first step of the buying decision process that Samsung went through when looking for the quasi-assembly pods?

a. Searching for products and suppliers
b. Selecting and ordering the most appropriate product
c. Recognizing the problem or need
d. Establishing product specifications
e. Evaluating the product relative to specifications

12. Refer to Scenario 7.1. There are many factors that would influence Samsung’s business buying decisions. Which one of the following would not?

a. Environmental
b. Organizational
c. Interpersonal
d. Demographic
e. Individual

Scenario 7.2

Use the following to answer the questions.

Precision Brake Company is a supplier of brake components to the manufacturers of lawn tractors and 4-wheel ATV’s. It also sells its products to independent repair centers, dealers, and other wholesalers in the northeast and southern states. Precision Brake has done research on the demand for lawn tractors and found that most manufacturers are in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. Research also shows that most of the dealers who sell directly to individual consumers are in the midwestern states, while dealers who sell to small business landscaping companies tend to be located in the northeastern states. Company executives are considering expansion of its distribution to markets in the midwest.

13. Refer to Scenario 7.2. When Precision Brake sells to the individual dealers, they would be considered which of the following business types?

a. Producer
b. Reseller
c. Government
d. Institutional
e. Covert

14. Refer to Scenario 7.2. Given the type of business market in which Precision Brake is currently operating, which group would it be least likely to sell to?

a. Producers
b. Governments
c. Retailers
d. Consumers
e. Institutions


15.Refer to Scenario 7.2. When Precision Brake’s sales team calls on tractor manufacturing companies, the first person they usually talk to is the receptionist. In this example, the receptionists would be considered to be ____, part of the buying center.

a. gatekeepers
b. influencers
c. users
d. buyers
e. controllers

16. Refer to Scenario 7.2. Last year, Precision Brake’s sales to the manufacturers of lawn tractors declined, partially due to the fact that more consumers were hiring small landscaping businesses to cut their grass. This decline in sales for Precision Brake is an example of

a. Product scarcity
b. Joint demand
c. Derived demand
d. Reciprocity demand
e. Inelastic demand

Scenario 8.1

Use the following to answer the questions.

Harley-Davidson Motors manufactures all of its motorcycles in the U.S. at one of four sites. With a large number of its bikes sold in markets all around the world, it still retains the manufacturing close to the headquarters for several reasons, one being that its management wants to keep close watch on the quality of its products. However, for all the accessories, apparel, and other riding gear, Harley-Davidson contracts out to other manufacturers to produce the items with the Harley name and logo. Some of these items, particularly the apparel, are made in China. Lately, some members of the Harley Owners’ Group (HOG) have been complaining to the company about this practice, citing that “everything Harley should be made in America”.

17. Refer to Scenario 8.1. Harley-Davidson’s practice of having manufacturers in China produce apparel items with the Harley logo is an example of

a. contract manufacturing
b. globalization
c. direct ownership
d. joint venture
e. exporting

18. Refer to Scenario 8.1. One of Harley-Davidson’s largest international markets is in Japan, where American brands are highly sought after. This is an example of ____ impacting the market.

a. international forces
b. economic forces
c. domestic forces
d. cultural forces
e. environmental forces

19. Refer to Scenario 8.1. If Harley-Davidson were to suddenly find its inventory building up in Japan, it might reduce inventory by selling the bikes at below cost prices. This practice is known as

a. price skimming.
b. market penetration.
c. dumping.
d. differential pricing.
e. inventory compensation.

20. Refer to Scenario 8.1. At what level of involvement in international marketing is Harley-Davidson with regard to its bikes?

a. Full-scale
b. Globalization
c. Joint venture
d. Direct ownership
e. Exporting

Scenario 8.2

Use the following to answer the questions.

KFC opened its first franchised restaurant outside of North America in England in 1964. Now, over a billion KFC chicken dinners are sold annually at more than 80 countries and territories around the world. KFC has established its own processing plants in these countries to ensure the quality of its chickens and other food items. In the U.S., the menu at KFC is usually the same in all restaurants, with only a very few additional items available in different regions. However, when KFC first franchised into Asian countries, it added many unusual local delicacies to the menu¾items such as fried octopus and squid. Additionally, the franchised stores in Asian countries display cooked food in “plates” near windows at the front of the store. This is a tradition for many restaurants in these countries¾to offer the customer passing by a preliminary view of their product.

21. Refer to Scenario 8.2. KFC’s establishment of international production/processing facilities is an example of

a. direct ownership.
b. franchising.
c. strategic alliance.
d. outsourcing.
e. a trading company.

22. Refer to Scenario 8.2. The practice of offering fried octopus and squid at Asian KFC’s is best described as

a. a strategy of standardization.
b. a strategy of globalization.
c. a strategy of some customization.
d. competitive advantage.
e. internationalizing the franchise.

23. Refer to Scenario 8.2. Suppose that KFC’s parent company experienced difficulty in opening its restaurants in China unless KFC was willing to pay the government a “bribe”. If KFC were to resort to paying this bribe in China saying that “it’s different doing business there”¾this would be an example of

a. a licensing arrangement.
b. the self-reference criterion.
c. cultural relativism.
d. balance of trade issues.
e. exchange controls.

24. Refer to Scenario 8.2. Which of the following alliances will KFC most likely utilize to guide its business transactions in Japan and China?

a. WTO

Scenario 9.1

Use the following to answer the questions.

The Walt Disney Company is a master at incorporating all the unique characteristics of digital media into their website. They know how to appeal to all types of consumers and utilize the full potential of digital media. The Disney website immediately catches your attention with sights and sounds that come alive. Not only can you catch a glimpse of an upcoming movie, but also connect with your favorite characters from movies past. The website offers age-appropriate games and activities, including the ability to create a fairy-tale cottage. The Disney Parks have their own links of course, along with Radio Disney, the Disney Store, family vacation packages, and an educator’s corner. An adult or child can enjoy navigating through the electronic marketing of Disney.

25. Refer to Scenario 9.1. The Disney website has a special link for educators that allows them to download educational videos pertaining to various subjects and grade levels. Educators are asked to register online with further information about their needs. This is an example of

a. addressability.
b. interactivity.
c. accessibility.
d. connectivity.
e. control.

26. Refer to Scenario 9.1. Through the Disney website, consumers can access in-depth information about Disney products, movies, theme parks, the corporation, and anything else related to Disney. This is an example of one of the characteristics that distinguish online media from traditional marketing, namely

a. addressability.
b. interactivity.
c. accessibility.
d. connectivity.
e. control.

27. Refer to Scenario 9.1. The Disney website is missing ____, because the website does not offer the opportunity for customers to directly communicate with Disney employees. Customers cannot express their needs and wants directly to the company.

a. addressability.
b. interactivity.
c. accessibility.
d. connectivity.
e. control.

28. Refer to Scenario 9.1. Visitors to the Disney website have the ability to regulate the information they view and the activities they participate in. This is an example of

a. addressability.
b. interactivity.
c. accessibility.
d. connectivity.
e. control.

29. Refer to Scenario 9.1. Disney’s Fan Page on Facebook allows people to link with other Disney enthusiasts. This is an example of

a. addressability.
b. interactivity.
c. accessibility.
d. connectivity.
e. control.

30. Refer to Scenario 9.1. The Disney website offers users the ability to create a character or a comic. You have the option of allowing other people to view and comment on your new creation. Which characteristic of e-marketing is being utilized here?

a. addressability.
b. interactivity.
c. accessibility
d. connectivity.
e. control.

Scenario 9.2

Use the following to answer the questions.

An increasing number of people are turning to the Internet to search for information, products, people, news, maps, entertainment, and whatever else you can think of. At the forefront of this massive search is Google. Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google has developed methods for making information useful to all types of Internet users. Some users want to critique the information, some just want to read the information, and some want to be the information writers. For people who want to dialogue, Google provides various groups, blogs, social networks, and more. For people who want to explore and innovate, Google offers online labs. Google provides the resources for the scientist and poet alike, for the person who wants to actively interact with an online audience, and the person who just wants to sit and look.

31. Refer to Scenario 9.2. Google can give instructions on how to construct almost anything, from a house to a science experiment. As for online applications, you can learn anything from developing your own website to starring in a video. Google’s “how to” features would most likely appeal to

a. creators.
b. critics.
c. collectors.
d. joiners.
e. spectators.

32. Refer to Scenario 9.2. Through Google, people can comment on someone else’s blog, post product reviews, or contribute to a wiki. ____ would most likely participate in this kind of activity.

a. Creators
b. Critics
c. Collectors
d. Joiners
e. Spectators

33. Refer to Scenario 9.2. Google offers people the opportunity to join a variety of groups, ranging from different religions to nationalities to hobbies. There are nearly half a million groups from which to choose and connect with other members. Which online user would be most likely be interested in these groups?

a. creators
b. critics
c. collectors
d. joiners
e. spectators

34. Refer to Scenario 9.2. Google is the ultimate website for people who want to collect information. Google started out as a search engine and then expanded into offering many other services. ____ were Google’s initial target market.

a. Creators
b. Critics
c. Collectors
d. Joiners
e. Spectators

35. Refer to Scenario 9.2. If you want to read what other people think about products, movies, or world events, Google has online forums and blogs that are readily accessible. ____ would most likely want to simply read the opinions of others.

a. Creators
b. Critics
c. Inactives
d. Joiners
e. Spectators

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