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Drug Discovery and Development ESSAY

Drug Discovery and Development

Questions 2: (C) answer content: Drug development: Target selection, Lead Finding, lead optimization, PK, Short-term toxicology, Formulation, synthesis scale up

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Assay- clones the receptor, what kind of cell line? ,

Ensure there is a decent half life
It is stable
Get the drug in the right formulation
Toxicology- cell viability assay
In vivo models- how are we going to get this compound ( Put them into a chamber and inhale and then we will get acute inflammation into the airway)
We want to see a relaxation of airway
Activate the receptors
(2B): THE Stages are phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3
Phase 1- PK, tolerability, side effects in healthy volunteers (Men were use as a volunteers because of their hormones, age 20-45
Phase 2- small scale trials in patient ( subject already ill with the disease)

, efficacy and dosage

Phase 3- Large scale controlled trials; we are looking at ethnicity, double blind randomized, the patient need to know the needs of administration, the dose the doctor is using, compared to existing therapy- eg. salbutamol

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