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How does dynamic visual noise (DVN) affect visual memory?

How does dynamic visual noise (DVN) affect visual memory?

A research project/laboratory report with an abstract, intro, methods, results and discussion sections. I conducted an experiment in a laboratory where I tested participants on their visual memory. The experiment details are listed in the methods section of my research paper that I have sent.

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Word count

3000 words


Please do the Introduction (1000 words) – please incorporate the little intro I have done (but don’t include that in the 1000 words) also please input previous studies that have looked at this and areas around it, talk about the working memory model and how it links into my study, how this study is different to others and what we are trying to find out.

Results (1000 words)/ including SPSS analysis – please analyze the raw data and report Descriptive stats and use and report a 3 Way Repeated Measures ANOVA, and other follow up tests that can be drawn – please report these in writing and explain what they mean.

Finally a Discussion section (1000 words) – please talk more about what these results mean and relate it to the wider world, include implications and suggestions for future research



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