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EDU602 Unit 2 Part 1

EDU602 Unit 2 Part 1

Critical Read 4 individual and respond with constructive feedback, suggestions, questions, and additional resources in attached Unit 2 DB Replies Analysis, Assessment, and Technology.

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In your own words, post a substantive response to the Discussion Board comment on Unit 2DB Analysis, Assessment, and Technology Part 1 1. Latina Morris, 2. Keith Miller, 3.Marcelle N. Fleurinor. 4. Chanel Martinez. Your response should address the DB questions and move the conversation forward. You will be graded on the quality of your postings, including mastery of the concept as well as critical thinking. Include enough detail to substantiate your thinking as well as your position on the questions or comments.

Latina Morris Discussion Unit 2 Part 1

Research methods vary and different approaches are needed. A magazine editor in a small town would like to include articles on several topics in the next issue. Decide which of the following proposed article topics are suitable for a quantitative or qualitative research and explain why.

Coin collections, favorite recipes, rising home costs, best high schools, carpools, political polls. Parent teacher participation, book fairs.

With book fairs, parent teacher participation, favorite recipes, and coin collections the magazine editor would benefit from using the research method of qualitative research. Reason being, is that qualitative research is good for individual level and identifying how people feel or their perspec tives on things. It is usually open ended responses and you really getting word of mouth feedback.

However, with rising home costs, best high schools (if they are referring to academic standings), carpools, and political polls, it would be best suitable for him to conduct quantitative research because it is numerical data, and or measurements, and usually empirical evidence. Although, I think the best high schools and carpooling can be researched by using both.


Minichiello, V. (1990). In-Depth Interviewing: Researching People. Longman Cheshire

EDU602 Unit 2 Part 1

Keith Miller

For the editor to decide on a method of research for a topic a clear understanding of what the purpose is should be established. The editor would need to select a research question or research hypothesis to establish a focus on the topic which would drive the devel………

EDU602 Unit 2 Part 2

An important part of beginning a research project is being able to review literature and analyze the implications of already completed research methods, data, and findings. Therefore, researchers must have a solid foundational mastery of differences between research methods, data collection, and reporting. For this discussion board, discuss the differences between quantitative and qualitative research. Specifically, you should complete the following:

Give a definition of a hypothesis and a null hypothesis and identify the method of research that uses a hypothesis.
Discuss what you believe are the key elements of a well-written set of hypotheses. Support your opinion with appropriate peer-reviewed sources other than the textbook.
Give a definition of a research question or problem and identify the method of research that traditionally uses a research question or problem.
Discuss what you believe are the key elements of a well-written research question or problem.
Support your opinion with appropriate peer-reviewed sources (other than the textbook).
Discuss how selecting a sample to study differs between quantitative and qualitative methods.
Describe 2 data-collection instruments, and determine whether the instrument will be used to collect quantitative or qualitative data.
Explain how analysis of quantitative data differs from analysis of qualitative data.

EDU602 Unit 2 Part 1

EDU602 Unit 2 Part 1

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