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ENGL 1711 RESEARCH PAPER, The following guidelines apply to the research paper assignment for Bill Lund’s composition class during Summer semester 2015:

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  • No student can pass the course without submitting a research paper that receives a passing grade.
  • Wise students should submit both a first draft and a final draft of the research paper. The first draft should be submitted via Turnitin during the last week of April. See your assignment schedule for specific dates and times.
  • All drafts must be submitted via Turnitin. The final draft of the paper must be submitted both to Turnitin and in printed form, in person, to the instructor. No late papers will be accepted.
  • Paper topics must be approved by the instructor in advance. Papers on topics not approved by the instructor will not receive a passing grade.
  • Papers should be 6-7 pages of text, plus a title page and a works cited page, for a total of no fewer than 8 pages. Your title page should include the name of the paper, your name, the name and section number of the course, and the date you are submitting the final draft.
  • Papers should be double-spaced, in 12-point type, with one-inch margins on all edges. Staple the upper left corner of the paper, and do not enclose it in any kind of folder or binder.
  • Each paper must refer to at least 5 different sources from 4 different authors. All of these sources must be books, periodicals, or newspapers that appear in printed form or can be accessed through one of the college library’s databases. (If you have questions about the appropriateness of a source, ask the instructor.) No websites maintained by organizations, companies, or individuals may be used. No blogs may be used. Only one general reference encyclopedia may be used as a source, but it will not count as one of your five required sources. You may not use Wikipedia as a source.
  • Do not use Google, Bing or other general use search engines to find research for this paper.
  • Each paper must use at least two sources retrieved from a database.
  • Use the MLA guidelines described in the textbook as the format for all citations and works-cited entries.
  • The class time during the week before finals will be set aside for students to receive individual feedback on the first drafts of their research papers. When students submit their first draft, they will have an opportunity to schedule a conference. (If you do not submit a first draft, there will be no reason for you to schedule a conference.) It is essential that students report on time for their individual appointments. The first drafts of students who miss their individual sessions will be graded as their final papers.


  • If you would like the final paper returned to you during the break, paperclip a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the final draft of the paper. Make sure to affix enough postage.

The following miscellaneous guidelines apply to the writing and formatting of the research paper:

  • Make certain that your paper includes a clearly identifiable thesis in its introduction or its conclusion.
  • Do not include illustrations in the research paper.
  • Do not use bullet points in the research paper.
  • Do not use first person (I or me) in the research paper.
  • Do not use interviews that you have conducted or personal anecdotal experience in your paper. All support for your thesis should come from the research you have conducted.
  • Include no more than three extended quotations in your research paper.
  • Number all pages of the paper’s text in the upper right-hand corner.



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