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Free Nursing Dissertation Topics

Free Nursing Dissertation Topics

Do complementary therapies have any role to play in the management of schizophrenia?  A qualitative study amongst UK patients and mental health nurses.

Nurse prescribing in mental health: to what extent is there tension between nurses and psychiatrists regarding medication for patients? A case study in one UK hospital.

Quality or quantity? Is time spent with patient or the quality of the interaction more important in mental health patient perceptions of nursing care? A qualitative study.

Sheer nonsense, or a story to tell?  Can listening to the content of delusions and ‘heard voices’ help with nursing the schizophrenic patient? A review of recent literature.

The impact of client-centred approaches upon users of mental health services: a qualitative study amongst out-patients with depression.

The value of family therapy for adolescents with eating disorders: a quantitative study in a London hospital.

To what extent do poor housing conditions exacerbate existing mental health issues?  A review of recent literature.

Which techniques are most effective in managing challenging behaviour amongst patients with mental health issues? A cross-UK quantitative study of 3 hospitals.

Are nurses paid well according to the tasks they do and the responsibilities they have

How can a nonprofit organization generate revenue to accommodate nurses and offer services

How is a degree in nursing different from an MBBS degree

How should private sector finance nursing organizations and promote their services

Should nurses receive health insurance, medical insurance and other benefits from the state government

Should there be an emergency number for nursing like there is for fire fighters

The complications you face when becoming a nurse

The role of community nurses in taking care of the elderly in the society

The role of government in creating employment opportunities for nurses

What is the best possible way to educate nurses and give them training programs

Free Nursing Dissertation Topics

Free Nursing Dissertation Topics

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