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Gillette: Why Innovation May Not Be Enough

Gillette: Why Innovation May Not Be Enough

3000 words Assignment based on a case study of Gillette: Why Innovation May Not Be Enough.

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The aim of this assignment is to examine how key operations strategy concepts, issues and challenges are addressed by answering specific questions related to the case study organization

  1. The learning outcomes being assessed

ILO 1: Understanding the need for all organizations to develop operations strategies;

ILO 2: Gain insights into how operations strategy has developed over time;

  1. Overview of assignment


Gillette has long been known for innovation in both product development and strategic operations. In the highly competitive, but mature, razor and blade market, Gillette holds a commanding worldwide market share. The peak of its innovation occurred in 2006 with the introduction of the Fusion 5-bladed razor. Today, innovation in razors and blades is thwarted by a lack of new technology and increasing consumer reluctance to pay for the “latest and greatest” in shaving technology. Gillette must decide how to put the razor wars behind them and maintain or increase its share of the global razor market.

Word count

3000 words


  • You need to have a cover page mentioning the title of the assignment, your name, identity number and course.
  • Contents page
  • Introduction – Where you should briefly discuss the background of the case and relevant issues/challenges within the contents of the case  – No more than a page
  • Bring the case study questions one by one that you need to answer. For example, bring Question 1 and then write your answer, then Question 2 and Question 3.
  • Conclusion – Summarise the key issues/findings related to the 3 questions – No more than a page.



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