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Global Warming Academic Essay

Global Warming Academic Essay

Writing academic essays about the pressing issues in the world at present are excellent essay topics. One of the vital issues concerning all countries is global warming since the whole globe is affected by this phenomenon. Organizations and individuals are formulating measures and taking actions that can help combat the drastic effects of this worldwide phenomenon. In developing essays about global warming, students may consider using this sample outline:

A good way to start your essay would be a definition of global warming. State the processes involved in this environmental occurrence, the etymology of the term, and the first recorded observations on this environmental issue. Cite a brief history on the discovery of these changes in nature. Mention other terms applied to global warming and explain why these terms are synonymous to global warming.
Enumerate the causes of global warming. Explain how each of these causative agents affects the atmosphere and the environment. Examine the level of awareness of citizens across the globe on the hazards of the causative agents present in some equipment and products used in a daily basis. You may also look into the innovations that people had devised to eliminate and replace these causative agents.
Essay writing about this topic would require you to cite the effects of global warming on climate around the world. Explain how global warming had altered the climate across the globe and state some examples of the climate change in countries. Make a comparison between previous climate conditions of particular countries from the present climate condition.
A good essay on global warming must incorporate specific examples of the effects of climate change around the world. Specify some instances or incidents that scientists have traced to be results of the worldwide climate change. State your view if these natural disasters can be related to global warming and support your views by facts. Mention the effects of climate change on the lives of people in different countries.
The effects of global warming on the environment and on people are without a doubt increasing awareness of people. Enumerate ways that people can perform to contribute in alleviating the effects of global warming. Give a brief explanation how each measure can help in lessening the changes brought about by global warming. Point out from your personal view which of these measures can give significant contributions in easing this worldwide problem that threatens every citizen in the planet.
Cite some of the organizations that promote and educate people on appropriate actions to combat worsening of the effects of global warming. Discuss the actions taken by large companies, local governments, and prominent figures in educating the public about global warming and its drastic effects. Provide your personal view if these actions are enough and the steps you would perform to contribute in this environmental campaign.

Developing academic essays discussing crucial international issues concerning global warming would be easily accomplished by using this suggested outline. Students may search the internet for free essays about global warming to provide additional suggestions on the contents of essays.

Global Warming Academic Essay

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