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“Goods and Services” Please respond to the following


“Goods and Services” Please respond to the following:

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Assess how a marketer would approach the Product P of the 4Ps for a service it wants to add to its existing product lineup. For example, Best Buy adding The Geek Squad or Sam’s Club adding automotive service centers.


From the e-Activity, predict which products will be a hit and which products will be a flop. Provide a rationale for your selections.

Week 4 Discussion 2

“Marketing Goods and Services” Please respond to the following:


From the case study, propose probable solutions that will be included in a marketing plan that will answer three common concerns that parents may have when weighing the Montessori Private School as an option.


Determine how success in the Wild Oats Organic product line impacts its other product lines, such as the Wild Oats Natural line.

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