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Health and nursing dissertation topics

Health and Nursing Dissertation Topics

Improving awareness on environmental health issues by encouraging community participation

To identify and analyse various environmental health concerns in the health care sector

To determine the possibility of food poisoning and foot related illness in urban regions from the perspective of environmental health

Constrained ordinal models with application in occupational and environmental health

To examine the impact of second hand smoke on public health with particular focus on the relevant control strategies

An investigation into the attitudes of bar staff workers to environmental tobacco smoke and the varying provision of smoke free areas within public houses

To study and understand the impact of traffic calming procedures on local air quality

Investigating how reusable cleaning clothes can help to reduce cross contamination within the food industry

Analysing older driver behaviour and road safety

To review public health nurses’ opinions on environmental hazards and health effects

Disposing toxic wastes from the perspective of environmental health

Recommended sanitary hygiene practices for developing countries – A quantitative study

A qualitative study to address arsenic and lead poisoning

Health Organisations Dissertation Topics

  • An investigation in the health care plans and associated costs of countries across the globe
  • Factors contributing to efficient service delivery – A qualitative study on implementation of health policies in Argentina
  • Factors influencing the healthcare policies of new health organisations
  • Integrating technology, process and the people in lean healthcare
  • Investigating the power, culture and dynamics of National Health Service in the UK
  • Quality of life, good practices and senior citizens in residential care homes

·  Research trends and directions within World Health Organisation

Nursing Dissertation Topics

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