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Hoosier Burger As one of Build a Better System’s

Hoosier Burger As one of Build a Better System’s lead analysts on the Hoosier Burger project, you have spent significant time discussing the current and future needs of the restaurant with Bob and Thelma Mellankamp. In one of these conversations, Bob and Thelma mentioned that they were in the process of purchasing the empty lot next to Hoosier Burger. In the future, they would like to expand Hoosier Burger to include a drive-through, build a larger seating area in the restaurant, include more items on the Hoosier Burger menu, and provide delivery service to Hoosier Burger customers. After several discussions and much thought, the decision was made to implement the drive-through and delivery service and wait on the activities requiring physical expansion. Implementing the drive-through service will require only minor physical alterations to the west side of the Hoosier Burger building. Many of Hoosier Burger’s customers work in the downtown area, so Bob and Thelma think a noon delivery service will offer an additional convenience to their customers.One day while having lunch at Hoosier Burger with Bob and Thelma, you discuss how the new delivery and drive-through services will work. Customer order-taking via the drive-through window will mirror in-house dining operations. Therefore, drive-through window operations will not require information system modifications. Until a new system is implemented, the delivery service will be operated manually; each night Bob will enter necessary inventory data into the current system.Bob envisions the delivery system operating as follows. When a customer calls and places a delivery order, a Hoosier Burger employee records the order on a multiform order ticket. The employee captures such details as customer name, business or home address, phone number, order placement time, items ordered, and amount of sale. The multiform document is sent to the kitchen where it is separated when the order is ready for delivery. Two copies accompany the order; a third copy is placed in a reconciliation box.

a.Modify the Hoosier Burger context-level dataflow diagram (Figure 6-4) to reflect the changes mentioned in the case.

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