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Integrative Case Analysis Assignment


Integrative Case Analysis Assignment I: Please place in the Dropbox

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· Read the integrative case 1.0: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. starting on page 563 in your text.

· After reading the case study answer the following questions:

o Analyze the structure and environment of W.L. Gore. Include in your analysis each of the structural dimensions discussed in your text and indicate the type of environment W.L. Gore operates in. Provide reasons and explanations to support your analysis.

o Identify, analyze, and describe in some detail the culture of W.L.Gore. Provide reasons and explanations to support your analysis.

o Analyze W.L. Gore using Miles and Snows Strategy (as defined in your text), Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model, and Porters Competitive Strategies. The following web site: will provide additional background on these typologies

o Analyze W.L.Gore’s technology and identify the type of interdependence it uses. Provide reasons and explanations for your analysis.

o View the W.L. Gore web site: and discuss their current state in regards to the concepts analyzed above.

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