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For this assignment you will continue to work with the scenario you began in Chapters 1-5. Reread the information from each of these assignments at the end of each chapter. (Again, the scenario “Westlake Research Hospital” scenario will act as an example throughout this course.)

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1. Reread the introduction to your chosen scenario at the end of all previous chapters.

2. Read your scenario for Chapter 6 on pages 121-122.

3. Review the “Deliverables” section below.

4. Review the “Suggestions for Scenarios” section on page 122 of your textbook.

5. Read the “Westlake Research Hospital” scenario on page 18, pages 40-43, page 59, page 79, page 99, and page 122. Click here to review the suggested answer for this scenario to gain an understanding of what is expected of you on this assignment.

6. Your final deliverable will be a script file that you create from your database. To generate an SQL Script, right click on the database, go to TASKS on the context menu, and then GENERATE SCRIPTS. In the wizard you should change “Script Data” from “false” to “true” and then generate a script of the database you have built to turn in. Contact your instructor if you have any questions.


1. Complete the numbered tasks for your scenario, EXCEPT number 6. You DO NOT need to create a data dictionary. The table below shows where you can find each list of tasks:

Scenario Page Number for “To Do” List Wild Wood Apartments Pages 121-122 Vince’s Vinyl Page 122 Grandfield College Page 122

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