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Journal activities in this course are private between you and the instructor

Journal activities in this course are private between you and the instructor. For the journal entries in this course, you will be relating course concepts to your own personal experiences, sharing personal opinions and viewpoints, and engaging with course concepts and materials at a deeper, more reflective level. By first
relating to your own experiences, you will be preparing for a possible future career of serving clients in the psychology field.
Prompt: It is unlikely that you have not had some type of experience with testing or assessment, such as a driving test, a pre-employment honesty test, or a college admissions test. In two to three paragraphs, briefly recount both a positive and a negative experience you have had with any type of testing or assessment and evaluate your experiences using the following guiding questions:
The following critical elements must be addressed:
Referring to course concepts and psychometrics, what made your experience positive?
Referring to course concepts and psychometrics, what negative experiences did you have?
How could the negative experiences have been improved? Relate your answer to course theory and concepts.
How do you think these lessons learned could apply to psychological assessment and testing?
Guidelines for Submission: Journal entries should be two to three paragraphs

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