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knowledge of diversity of faith expression

knowledge of diversity of faith expressions

knowledge of diversity of faith expressions, The practice of health care providers at all levels brings you into contact with people from a variety of faiths. This calls for knowledge

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The purpose of this paper is to complete a comparative analysis of the different belief systems, reinforcing major themes with insights

In your comparative analysis, address all of the worldview questions in detail for Christianity and your selected faith. Refer to chapter 2 in Called to Care for the list of questions. Be sure to address the implications of these beliefs for health care.

In addition, answer the following questions that address the practical and healthcare implications based on the research:4
1. What are critical common components to all religions/beliefs in regards to healing such as prayer, meditation, belief, etc? Explain
2. What is important to patients of the faiths when cared for by health care providers whose spiritual beliefs differ from their own?

In your conclusion, describe your own spiritual perspective on healing, what have you learned from the research and how this learning can help the health care provider

Support your position by referencing at least three academic resources (preferably from the GCU library) in addition to the course re and the textbooks for each religion. Each religion must have a primary source included. A total of six references are required according

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