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LDR 802 Research Paper with Matrix

LDR 802 Research Paper with Matrix

Leadership was defined by Dwight Eisenhower as “the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” This paper will look at a few different aspects of leadership. The first article will look at how personality traits within the Top Management Teams affect the level of effectiveness within organizations. The second article discusses difference between students in different countries and how their culture and academic background may affect their individual styles of leadership. The last article discusses how transformational leadership affects trust and job satisfaction within the work environment. The first article entitled, “ Personality And Leadership Composition in Top Management Teams: Implications For Organizational Effectiveness by Colbert, A. E., Barrick, M. R., & Bradley, B. H. (2014) whose purpose was to examine the responses of top management teams personality and the leadership styles that are associated with the level of organizational effectiveness in regards to the effects of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) personality and leadership styles to see if the way they interact with the subordinates has an effect on the level of effectiveness of their organizations. This study also looked at the experiences, values and the personalities of the CEO’s and the Top Management Teams to see if the interpretation of the work environment affects the organizational effectiveness in accordance with the Upper Echelons Theory (Hambrick, 2007). The second article entitled, “Does the Field of Study Influence the Choice of Leadership? A Cross Cultural Comparison of Business Vs. Non-Business Majors” by Monahan, M., Shah, A., Bao, Y. & Rana, J. (2015) whose purpose was to determine the leadership styles and frames of university students in China and India using the Bolman and Deal Four Frame Model. This
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Leadership and Personality 3 model was utilized to see if there are statistically substantial differences on the basis of country and academic major from one country to another. The third article entitled, “ Studies of transformational leadership: Evaluating two alternative models of trust and satisfaction” by Yang, Y. (2014) whose purpose was to evaluate the influences of leadership style and employee trust in their leaders on job satisfaction and how the employees viewed their leadership. The authors of this study build a strong case that transformational leadership is important and helps to encourage employees to perform at a higher level than leadership who are not as focused on their employees.

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The highlight within the study are of leadership trust in leadership-satisfaction relationships, and this helps to provide managers with practical ways to enhance job satisfaction among their emp………………………………….

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