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Leadership, Organisational Planning and Performance

Leadership, Organisational Planning and Performance

Your individual report should address the following topic:

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Leadership, Organisational Planning and Performance essay

Q. Using relevant academic literature and case study material critically compare and contrast the strategic roles of leadership in for-profit and non-profit organisational contexts.

In addressing the topic, you may:

Find material and work relating to weeks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 useful. However, some of you may also find material from other weeks (4, 5 & 6) relevant depending on your analysis and arguments.

Consider engaging with and applying a selection of relevant theories to your discussion to build evidenced arguments about developments in leadership theory.

Develop and apply theories and arguments about the changing role of leadership in organisational survival and performance in for-profit and/or 3rd sector organisational contexts.

Word Count:

2000 words

Marking Criteria

Mark Learning Outcome

1. A succinct and lucid introduction that includes clear definition of the topic and brief explanations of core conceptual issues and why they are important, a concise statement of your argument and, a logical outline of how the report is structured-10%

2. Critical review and application of relevant theory to develop and apply evidenced arguments that support your analysis and argument(s) regarding developments in leadership theory, critical contrast of traditional and ˜new genre of leadership theories and implication in relation to organisational survival and performance-65%

3. A strong conclusion by way of clear summary that draws from the criterion 2 and show how you have made good on the promise outlined in the introduction. 10%

4 Evidence of research in terms of range of literature that is engaged with and, compliance with proper academic protocols regarding the use and acknowledgement of other people’s ideas and work- 15%

Referencing Style:


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