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Learning Theories & the Benefits to Higher

Learning Theories, & the Benefits to Higher Education
Module 1 -Case
Welcome, Learning Theories, & the Benefits to Higher Education

Welcome to the module 1 case assignment, the theoretical assignment for the module.

As stated in the SLP assignment we try to make the case assignment a theory based assignment and the SLP the practical application based assignment. Now that you are working on the case assignment I want you to review some theories pertaining to learning and how individuals learn. If you haven’t already done so review the Andragogy and Learning Styles information on the background page of the module.

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Now you are ready to begin the case assignment.

Please answer the two questions below:

What is your VARK preferred learning style? How will this style help you be successful at Trident University International?

Define andragogy and discuss the benefits of this learning method for the adult learner.

Assignment Expectations:

A 3 – 4 page paper addressing the two above questions using new times roman 12 pitch font, double spaced and citing at least two different sources.

As with your SLP assignment start with some brainstorming then outline your paper organizing your thoughts.

Your paper should start with an introduction (tell the reader what it is you are going to write about), a body (write about what it is you said you were going to write about), and a conclusion (tell the reader what it is that you wrote about).

When complete upload this to the module 1 case assignment area.

Module 1 -SLP

Welcome to the Module 1 session long project (SLP) for TUX 101.

The SLP assignment is the applied assignment of the module for most courses. We try to make the case assignment a theory based assignment and the SLP the practical application based assignment. Due to the uniqueness of this course the SLP assignments will all be related to you, the practical side of the course.

For this first SLP assignment I want you to complete the Building Your Support Team assignment at the link below. Every successful person has a strong support team, including all of Trident’s Distinguished Alumni. In order to reach your academic and personal goals you will need to quickly identify key members of your support team. Accessed October 1, 2012.

Assignment Expectations:

When complete upload save and upload the PDF to the module 1 SLP assignment area.

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