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Literature Review Resources essay

Literature Review Resources
Successful completion of a doctoral
dissertation requires significant
amounts of independent reading on
Gradable Items Details Points Possible
the research topic. This allows the
doctoral learner/researcher to become
familiar with the scope of the topic
and to identify gaps or tensions within
the existing literature on the topic.
These gaps and tensions become the
source of the dissertation research.
In this assignment, you will read and
annotate potential sources in your
dissertation field of interest. Those
demonstrating the most merit to the
best of your understanding of the topic
at this time should be added to your
RefWorks list for potential inclusion
in the literature review section of
your dissertation.
General Requirements:
Use the following information to
ensure successful completion of the
It is strongly recommended that you
engage in this activity throughout
the duration of your program. You will
be adding to this document to begin
building a runnnig literature review.
You will have five sources in your list
by the end of this assignment.
Instructors will be scoring your
submission based on the number of
unique sources identified in the list
Download the resource Literature Review
Resources Tool and use it to complete
the assignment.
Doctoral learners are required to
use APA style for their writing
assignments. The APA Style Guide is
located in the Student Success Center.
Refer to the resource, “Preparing
Annotated Bibliographies,” located
in the Student Success Center, for
additional guidance on completing this
assignment in the appropriate style.
Read at least five empirical articles
in your general dissertation field.
In the “Literature Review Resources”
document, provide the following for
each source:
Gradable Items Details Points Possible
The APA formatted citation.
A brief annotation of the key points of
the source.
An indication of whether the source has
been added to (Y) or excluded from (N)
your RefWorks list.
Module 8 DQ 2
Looking back at Topic 1, how has your
dissertation topic changed in the
last eight weeks? Looking ahead, how
will you build time into your schedule
to work independently to continue
to develop your literature review
and uncover a gap in the literature
that you will address with your
dissertation? Discuss a theme or trend
you have noticed while completing your
Topic 8 assignment. (This response does
not require research support

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