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Measurement and Decision Making (Mid-term)

GB519: Measurement and Decision Making (Mid-term)

1.Which one of the following would not be found in a merchandising company? (Points : 2)

2.Which one of the following critical success customer factors is best measured by warranty expense? (Points : 2)

3.Which one of the following is not a type of cost driver? (Points : 2)

4.In the current business environment, companies cannot survive without a long-term strategy. What exactly should an effective strategy include? (Points : 2)

5.With the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, all public companies are now required by the SEC to disclose whether or not the company has: (Points : 2) decision making

6.Which of the following organizations presents awards to firms that excel at execution of strategy, based on criteria such as leadership, marketing, strategic planning and process management? (Points : 2)

7.The additional cost incurred as the cost driver increases by one unit is: (Points : 2)


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8.The cause and effect relationships among critical success factors are best captured in: (Points : 2)

9.After critical success factors (CSFs) have been identified, the next step in developing a competitive strategy is to develop relevant and reliable measures for these CSFs. These measures are important to help the organization: (Points : 2)

10.Which of the following aspect of a contemporary management technique is a framework and process that organizations use to manage the occurrence of possible events that could negatively or positively affect the company’s competitiveness and success? (Points : 2)

11.Strategic analysis uses which of the following to help a firm improve its competitive position through an analysis of product and production complexity? (Points : 2)

12.In order to assure that accounting information is accurate and to avoid potentially costly mistakes in the decision making process, firms should: (Points : 2)

13.When cost relationships are linear, total variable costs will vary in proportion to changes in: (Points : 2)

14.JCH Company conducts business in the lumber and building products industry. Last week, JCH purchased 50 railcars of lumber from a mill in Oregon and sold all 50 to a Home Depot store in North Carolina. In this instance, JCH Company would most likely be classified as a: (Points : 2)

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