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Memoir Paper/Analysis and Reaction Paper

Memoir Paper and Reaction Paper

Memoir Paper and Reaction Paper, The purpose of the reaction paper is to provide you with the opportunity to explore the perpetration of the Holocaust from a historical/psychological/sociological perspective in depth. The paper will consist of an evaluation of Night in relation to material discussed and readings, and will present your reflections and reactions to the book. Your paper will deal with how the book helps you understand the nature and reality of the Holocaust.

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Your essay should be double-spaced, four pages minimum-length. Use Times New Roman 12 with 1 inch margins all around. For a detailed description of this assignment on Night, click on Memoir Paper/Analysis and Reaction Paper to the left.

Memoir Paper/Analysis and Reaction Paper

How does Night help you understand the nature and/or reality of the Holocaust? Describe 3 or 6 issues/incidents in the book, and express your opinions/views on each of them. The goal of the essay is to demonstrate your knowledge and comprehension of 3 or 6 issues/key aspects of the Holocaust in the book Night, through analytic and synthetic thinking, and effectively communicating your INSIGHTS/personal thoughts in essay format. All of your work must express your own views, thoughts, ideas, and/or evaluation of the readings. Do NOT write the STORY ofNight.

Do not copy from websites or Cliffs Notes. This is an opportunity for the student to freely write his/her thoughts about the Holocaust, with evidence from Night.

Paper Requirements

  • How long should the paper be?Four pages.
  • Paper is double-spaced and uses Times New Roman 12 font.
  • At the top of the first page, you write your name, the CRN of the course, and in the same page one, you start to write your paper.
  • Pages are numbered.
  • All words & ideas gleaned from my sources have been properly cited within the body of the paper. Each citation includes both the author and the page number where quotation or idea was found.
  • Use the Submit tools below to submit your paper in Microsoft Word


IntroductionYou must write the paper as if the person reading it knows nothing about Night and Elie Wiesel. Therefore, in your introduction, you must introduce the TITLE of the BOOK, name of AUTHOR, and SUBJECT of the book (what it is ABOUT, who, when, where, why? Do not forget to mention dates, city and country).

DevelopmentDo NOT write the STORY of Night. The students who tell the story of Night, will receive an F.

Don’t write about the meaning of the title, irony in the text, belief in God, death, and other issues one can find in Cliff’s Notes or other web sources.

The paper will consist of an EVALUATION of Night in relation to material discussed and readings, and will present your REFLECTIONS and REACTIONS to 3 or 6 issues/incidents in the book – The paper is based on your reflections/reactions to Night and the required readings. You MUST include some personal responses to the work, or questions that intrigue you.

All of your work must express your own views, thoughts, ideas, and/or evaluation of the readings.

Do NOT summarize the book, but reflect on 3 or 6 incidents/issues in the story, and focus on one or two critical approaches; for example, the interaction or the terms of perpetrators, victims, bystanders, and the development of World War II.

You must incorporate concepts and perspectives from the lectures. Your essay should make a reasonable use of the lectures as well as your textbooks. Use precise terminology, for example, the actual names of important historical events, individuals, dates, literature, and key places.

Finish with a good CONCLUSION, with your reflections. Ex: “This memoir … illustrated … “we can learn from …” “.we can begin to understand … Wiesel also helped give insight into … , it is difficult to imagine …”‘Night’ also helps readers understand the …” ” In the end, I feel I have a better perspective …” .

Read the document, How to write an essay. Pay attention to punctuation and grammar. I expect you to check historical details and correctly spell names and words.

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