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MGMT313 “Restructuring”

Consider a current or future change you are involved with (at work, church or home) and discuss what are the individual, team, and organizational challenges that you face.  Do not use the same example from previous forums.   An example would be where your division at work is combined with another existing division.  What are the challenges of this merger for you (the individual), your work team, and the organization’s management? 


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 Your initial post should be at least 250 words. 

Executive Summary

LabCorp is a leading life global sciences company that is deeply in providing comprehensive clinical laboratory and end-to-end drug development. With a vision and mission of delivering quality medical diagnosis, laboratory and improve people lives, LabCorp delivers world class diagnostic solutions and brings innovative medicine to patients fast with advance technology that improves care.

 LabCorp is financially strong with a net reported over $10 billion in 2017. As a strategic plan for expansion and maintaining the leading role in medical diagnostic in Europe, Asia and across the globe LabCorp acquired Sciformix Corporation, a scientific process outsourcing company focused on pharmacovigilance and regulatory solutions for biopharmaceutical and medical devices.

This acquisition will strengthen LabCorp position in drug and device development, especially post-marketing pharmacovigilance and market access solution. Also, the addition of Sciformix will help in scientific approach and drug development and quality driven processes that support efficient and transforming drug development through innovation.

Some of the advantages to acquire and invest in EU include population, culture and diversity, languages, political stability and technology

 EU has a large marketplace for the kind of service LabCorp renders because it’s highly populated with diverse cultural backgroup of about 512.6 million. With this kind of population, there is tendency to have high patronage which can translate to high revenue.

EU comprises of 28 different countries with diverse cultures, ethics and speaking languages, LabCorp can take advantage of diversities to deploy and roll out different medical diagnosis approaches and drug development that  are align with individual country medical policies and standards. Another advantage to invest in EU is political stability and economy, most countries in EU are peaceful with a quality social life and sound economy which support and help international companies to thrive well.

Assignment 1: Discussion—Managing Finance

The Genesis Energy operations management team was excited to understand the various options for securing financing to fund the rapid growth plans. The team was surprised by the cost associated with using funds supplied by others after accounting for risk of investments in its small but profitable company. Sensible Essential Consulting explained how the cost of external financing can be calculated.

Using the readings for the module, Argosy University online library resources, the Internet, and the sources you identified in Module 3, do the following:

  • Explain with examples how the cost of capital is determined.
  • Calculate the differences in cost and risk. Explain why the costs and risks of external financing are important for the organization to understand.
  • Explain why rapid growth plans are important to a small company. Would there be a more efficient way to fund a growing company? Why or why not? Justify your answer.

By the due date assigned, post your response to the Discussion Area. Through the end of the module, review and comment on at least two peers’ responses.

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Your response should be thorough and address all components of the discussion question in detail, include citations of all sources, where needed, according to the APA Style, and demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Do the following when responding to your peers:

  • Read your peers’ answers.
  • Provide substantive comments by
    • contributing new, relevant information from course readings, Web sites, or other sources;
    • building on the remarks or questions of others; or
    • sharing practical examples of key concepts from your professional or personal experiences
  • Respond to feedback on your posting and provide feedback to other students on their ideas.
  • Make sure your writing
    • is clear, concise, and organized;
    • demonstrates ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and
    • displays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsQuality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions16Quality of responses to classmates12Frequency of responses to classmates4Reference to supporting readings and other materials4Language and grammar4Total:40 

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