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MKT-301 discussion 6

MKT-301 discussion 6

MKT-301 discussion 6, To prepare for our discussion this week read Chapter 7, review the supplemental slides, and visit the introduction regarding the differences between segmentation and targeting. You’ll also find some useful websites listed in the Webliography.

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Once you are familiar with the concepts of segmentation and targeting, begin our discussion by selecting a website that interests you. DO NOT select any of the “biggies” such as Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Facebook, and YouTube. Your site must be an e-commerce retailer such as Newegg or Harry and David’s. To make your post more interesting to your classmates, try to select a site that is less well known or a bit off-beat, however, make sure it is appropriate for a family audience.

Once you have selected your site, please address the following:

How do you think the site is segmenting its customers? You should identify at least two segments and define each of them using no less than two traits from psychographics and two from demographics. You may find it easier to do this using a combination of descriptive text and bullets.

Then, look for the targeting messages. What promotional or advertising messages are they using to target the segments you identified?

Finally, evaluate both the segmentation choice and the messages. Are they appropriate to the product line and nature of the site? Why or why not? What might you do differently if you were in charge of marketing for the site?

In your responses to your classmates discuss your observations of the site’s segmentation and the student’s evaluation. Be sure to support your opinions with both facts and reason.

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