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MKt 500 week 6 discussions

MKt 500 week 6 discussions

MKt 500 week 6 discussions, Pick a health and beauty brand and item you use regularly; for example, shampoo, shaving cream, moisturizer, razor blades, etc. Imagine this brand is extending its reach to a new target audience with a new product. Identify this new target audience and then outline the beginnings of a pricing strategy for this new product, by offering specifics instead of generalities about the strategy.

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In today’s economic climate, retailers are continuously conducting sales in order to get customers in their doors. Analyze the short-term and long-term effects of continuous sales to all stakeholders.

Week 6 Discussion 2 COLLAPSE “Distribution Channels” Please respond to the following:

  • Imagine you are a brand manager for your favorite food product. You have been challenged with finding a new distribution channel for a product under your brand supervision. Think through how you would approach this challenge and then outline this new distribution channel.
  • From the case study, analyze the distribution channels for Zappos to reveal weaknesses and then recommend how to strengthen the weaknesses.

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