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Marketing plan

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Excecutive Summary

Marketing Plan: Product Idea

Your final project will be a marketing plan for a product idea you have developed. Submit a one- page proposal outlining the product you want to bring to market. Be sure to describe the product or service, the target market you envision reaching, and the problem your product or service solves for the target market. This should be a problem that is not currently being sufficiently addressed by current solution providers, i.e., your competition.

Marketing Plan Milestone: Product/Service Description and SWOT Analysis

Submit part one of your Marketing Plan, which includes the following sections:

I. Product or Service Description
II. SWOT Analysis

Marketing Plan Milestone: Target Market and Competition

Submit part two of your Marketing Plan, which includes the following sections:

III. Target Market
IV. Competitive Analysis

Marketing Plan Milestone: Financial Analysis and Pricing

Submit part three of your Marketing Plan, which includes the following sections:

V. Financial Analysis
VI. Pricing Structure

Marketing Plan Milestone: Channels of Distribution and IMC Promotion/Budgets

Submit part four of your Marketing Plan, which includes the following sections:

VII. Channels of Distribution
VIII. IMC Promotion Plan
IX. IMC Budget

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