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NBS8284 Research Methods in Human Resource Management

NBS8284 Research Methods in Human Resource Management

This module is designed to provide students with the necessary training to undertake advanced level research in Human Resource Management.

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The module has two aspects:
First, it focuses on the nature of research in the area, and the social sciences in general, examining the study skills necessary to manage and undertake a research project.

Secondly, it provides students with opportunities to be familiar with the important empirical and theoretical research in Human Resource Management.

Such skills are intended to provide a good foundation for undertaking a dissertation at an advanced level.

Outline Of Syllabus
The nature of research in HR
Research strategies and designs
Reviewing the literature
Developing a research question
Data gathering and access
Qualitative methods
Quantitative methods
Collecting primary data for research – sample, measures and scope
Qualitative data analysis
Quantitative data analysis
Research Ethics

Learning Outcomes
Intended Knowledge Outcomes

On completion of this module students should be able to:
1. Appreciate the ways in which business research is located in the broader corpus of the social sciences;
2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the principles and techniques of research method and design;
3. Identify, understand, and apply a range of research methods and tools;
4. Draw on current research and advanced scholarship to identify and develop relevant research
5. Evaluate, select and apply research perspectives and methodologies appropriate to particular research questions;
6. Critically analyse and discuss existing literature, contemporary HR policy and practice;
7. Undertake a systematic analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative information and present the results in a clear and consistent format.

Intended Skill Outcomes

At the end of the module students should be able to:
1. To understand a variety of research methods and how they are used to understand the topic of study.
2. To undertake a critical appraisal of relevant literature.
3. Approach a research project knowing that they have developed the skills of inquiry, research design ability, data collection, information retrieval, bibliographic search, measurement and analysis, interpretation and presentation, self-discipline and time-management skills and the ability to work autonomously.
4. Evaluate evidence critically, reach conclusions and present findings.
5. Problem solving within the context of the business environment with particular emphasis on the management of people.
6. Access, use and interpret data from a range of internal and published sources in preparing and presenting reports

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