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You have a nominal £15,000 with which to buy shares of a company that MUST be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

You have a nominal £15,000 with which to buy shares of a company that MUST be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Try to invest in a company that you think will do well over the next six months and give you a good return on your investment, even though making a profit is not a key objective of this assessment.

You need to be able to justify your choice of company. In order to do this you should carry out some research on a range of companies using PEST analysis. You will need this information for your interim report.

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• Provide information on other companies that you considered, and why you rejected them

• Provide information on key competitors and market factors using Porter’s Five Forces model

• Identify a second choice of share to use for comparisons in your final report

• Identify the sector index and one other financial index which you will use for your main report

• Submit a final report that analyses the performance of your chosen share(s) throughout the entire time period finishing with the closing price on Friday 28 April 2017, paying particular attention to significant changes in the share price

• Reference your sources using Harvard

To achieve a higher grade in this assessment you SHOULD:

• Analyse the performance of your share(s) in detail, providing credible evidence to support your analysis  and considering factors that affected the sector as a whole

• Discuss your decision on whether or not to change shares and the factors that influenced you in your choice


The report should be 1500 words.

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