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Nursing Practicum Project

Nursing Practicum Project

Components of a professional Nursing Practicum project

A well written practicum has four components including learning objectives, place, person(mentor) and time. 

Learning objectives involves writing a list of specific competencies, activities, and skills you want to address while completing your practicum. This list guides you in identifying the right place and person. It is commendable to have this list with you when you discuss practicum opportunities.

Place is the location or site of your practicum

Your mentor is the primary person in a practicum.

Time is an important component of any practicum and involves time allocated to various activities

Student Nurse Senior Practicum Program

The Student Nurse Senior Practicum Program is assigned for the senior nursing student of an accredited baccalaureate program (BSN) as a culmination of their knowledge, skills and experience.

The Senior Practicum student is given the opportunity to provide safe patient care through the use of nursing assessment, implementation of patient care plans and evaluating patient outcomes. The student will apply the nursing process to care for assigned patients.

Nursing Practicum Project Sample

The purpose of this project is to create a peer performance evaluation tool that will be used to assess the nursing instructors that have been selected by the dean of nursing in the local college. The goal of this project is to be able to create a peer performance evaluation tool that will be able to effectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of the full-time and part time nursing faculty. The teaching methods for the nursing educators today, cannot be compared by how it was being practiced twenty years ago. Factors such as technology, the number of patients one is assigned to, and the variety of diseases have played a part in modifying nursing education. However, with the change in the higher education system, there is also the need to formulate an evaluation tool that is effective in evaluating the nursing educators. This project will take place at a local college in the nursing program at the nursing faculty providing feedback for improvement. The reason why a peer performance evaluation tool needs to be developed is because; currently the college uses performance evaluation tools, and these tools are not efficient in assessing the strengths of the instructors, and the weaknesses of the instructors. Performance evaluation tools are not effective because; they do not have the professional of the same level does not assess one another. This means that the evaluator will not understand the challenges they face, and how to overcome these problems. On the other hand, if a feedback is provided it is anonymous giving an individual the opportunity to give a feedback that is personal, other than it being based on professionalism (Benner, 2010). The name of the project will be; Nursing faculty peer review performance evaluation. The structure of the paper will be divided into six sections i.e. the introduction, objectives, literature review, methodology, evaluations, and timeline for the project.

Project Objectives

  • The objectives that this project is meant to achieve are as follows:
    Analyze current performance evaluation tool and interview faculty to gain insight of any new changes that need to occur.
  • Compose a peer performance evaluation for the faculty as guided by the preceptor and other peer reviewed information.
  • Develop strategies for the specific guidelines that are needed for the peer evaluation tool as guided by my preceptor and other peer reviewed information.

Literature Review

Previous studies have shown that peer performance evaluation tools are more efficient than performance evaluation tools, (Mager, Kazer, Conelius, Shea, Lippman Torosyan, and Nantz, 2014) x. This is because they are both valid and reliable. The nursing peer review evaluation tools seem to have become more common as a result of the growth in the American participating in the American Nursing Association Magnet Program. The Magnet Recognition Program as it names suggests is a recognition program, which recognizes the healthcare organizations that provide excellence in nursing. Although it is meant for hospitals, nursing schools have over the years aimed to produce nurses who will excel in healthcare organizations (Education, 2010). They will be able to help the healthcare organizations to be recognized by the program.

The peer review evaluation can be used for all teaching related activities either for development or to make personnel decision purposes. The components that will be used to make the evaluation tool become a success include review of course materials, student evaluations, teacher self-assessments, classroom observations, portfolios of teachers, and any other activities that can be used for evaluation purposes. This tool is described as the most efficient because it is meant to improve teaching after assessment rather than judge the teachers. Its focus is assist teachers come up with easy and innovative methods that will improve the students who are learning (Jeffries, 2005).

In the past, most colleges used student evaluations to assess the performance of the teacher. Although the students are best placed to judge the day-to-day activities of the teachers while in class, they possess various short-comings. They are not in a position to determine how the teacher is performing in terms of accuracy to the course content. They cannot inform the teacher that he or she is using a teaching strategy that is not appropriate. They are biased based on how the teachers award them marks. For the students, they will judge more rather than provide recommendations (Roussel, 2013).

The project will be incorporated using the following method. The evaluation tool will be constructed after conducting interviews to the faculty members. The teachers will observe one another as they prepare themselves for classes, their teaching methods, and their evaluation criteria to the students (Benner, 2010). They will then conduct the evaluation process based on the checklist that will be provided in the evaluation tool, and are adviced to have a verbal dialogue with their colleagues providing reasons for the scores that they have given. It should be pointed out that this project is meant to promote teaching, and will be developed in such a way that it will not promote work conflict (Del Bueno, 2005).


The proposed evaluation tool is designed so that it is both a formative and a summative evaluation tool. As it has been stated before it is meant to provide a meaningful feedback that faculty members will use in-order to improve their teaching abilities, and set the goals that they require in terms of teaching. In terms of methodology, observation will be used principally to evaluate teachers. The evaluation tool will have the necessary parameters where the observer can record the score of a particular evaluation criteria to the other faculty member. The evaluation criteria will be based on the course materials, preparedness of the teacher towards a certain lesson, the teaching style, and how the teacher dialogues with the students.

The student and the preceptor will develop questions that are needed in order to obtain the faculty input on the new peer evaluation tool. Once the questions are obtained the student will interview the twelve faculty members and record their input for further evaluation. The interviews will begin the week of October sixth 2014 and will be completed within a three week period. The interviews will take place at the college.
Once the interviews are complete the student and the preceptor will review the faculty members input and begin the process of analyzing the data. This will take place at the college starting the week of October the twenty-seventh 2014. The student and the preceptor will read all comments that the faculty stated and start an outline for the new peer review evaluation tool by combing the data into questions that will be part of the evaluation tool.

The student and the preceptor will be able to review all the feedback to set guidelines once the interviews are completed. Once the guidelines are set the preceptor and student can begin to establish the strategies to meet the guidelines. This will happen at the local college where the student lives. Once strategies are compiled then the student and the preceptor can move forward and complete the new peer evaluation tool.

Formative Evaluation

Formative evaluation is described as any evaluation that takes place before or during the period in which a project is being implemented. The main reason for this is to improve the project’s design, and facilitate in its performance. The formative evaluation will be conducted three weeks after the interview process. This will provide the necessary time to go through the feedback that the staff members would have provided, and made the necessary changes to the evaluation tool. Both the observer and the observed teacher will be interviewed in terms of their experience towards the evaluation process. The feedback that they will provide will be used to make the required changes for the evaluation tool. Various things will need to be considered i.e. its effectiveness, if it creates conflicts at the work place, and comfort ability both from the teachers and the students in relation to this evaluation tool (Del Bueno, 2005). The preceptor and the student will have a meeting during the week of October twenty-seventh to ensure the project is going as planned.

Senior Level Clinical Practicum

Summative Evaluation

The summative evaluation will take place after the project information is obtained and a new peer evaluation tool is completed. During this period, it will focus on how the feedback is provided, and if it is helpful in terms of helping the teachers improve their teaching skills, and level of education in the school. This is very important because; it will show if the project will help in terms of improving student learning in the school. It will focus on qualitative data in-order to have a better understanding towards the project. This will help in terms of showing whether the project has attained its objectives, and stated goals. It will also show what needs to be done by the teaching faculty to improve the education standards, and provide result based decisions in terms of teaching. It will also show the financial obligations that will come with the implementation of these changes (Jeffries, 2005). The summative evaluation will be done via a power point presentation to the preceptor and the faculty


The project is expected to take a period of three months in-order to be completed. The first three weeks of October 2014 are meant for interview purposes. The student will interview the twelve faculty members. The information used will then be used to assist in the creation of the evaluation tool. For the next two months, the formative evaluation process will be used in-order to provide the necessary recommendations for the evaluation tool. Once they have been implemented, the summative evaluation process will be used to see whether the objectives and the goals have been achieved.

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