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PLAN 602 – History and Theory of Planning

PLAN 602 – History and Theory of Planning

Spring 17

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Week 14: Contemporary Era of Redefinitions (cont.)

Required Readings:

Fainstein and DeFilippis, 2016:

  • 18, John Forester, Cultivating Surprise and the Art of the Possible: The Drama of Mediating Differences, pp. 363 – 382
  • 19, Iris Marion Young, “Inclusion and Democracy,” pp. 389-406
  • 20, Leonie Sandercock, Towards a Cosmopolitan Urbanism: From Theory to Practice, pp. 407 – 425

Discussion Questions

For this assignment you must create your own set of questions (along with the appropriate answers!). Your task is to develop a total of 11 questions, with 2 to 3 questions per chapter.

Very important: These questions should portray your understanding and reflection of the readings, what types of connections/applications you can make from them. So basically, your questions (and answers) should reflect: comprehension, reflection and application of the reading contents. Through the questions you will show me how well you comprehend what is said, how well you get the meaning, or implication of what is said, and how well you are able to transfer that information to other circumstances/topics. Try to create questions that are relevant, that talk about the important points/arguments the author(s) is making, and try to relate them to previous authors and topics discussed in class.

So next Wednesday our discussion will be based on your questions, overall reactions, and comments.

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