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Probability distributions are used in

Probability distributions are used in many aspects to answer questions about given events.

Probability distributions are used in many aspects to answer questions about given events. For example, a clothing store owner opens a new boutique and is working on a 3-day forecast of sales during the opening of the boutique.

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The owner determines that there is a 40% probability that customers will visit the store and make a purchase, which means 60% will visit and make a purchase on 0,1,2, or 3 of the solve problems such as this, a probability distribution can help you identify the possible outcome a conclusion.

For this task, you will explore the concepts to help construct discrete continuous probability distributions.

300- 400 words references, cities, and APA format.

It is important to understand the difference between discrete and continuous random variables the statistical analysis of each type of variable is different. In your own words, discuss the differences between discrete and continuous random variables provide a real-world example of each type of random variable.

Perform the following experiment: 1.) Roll a die 20 TIMES, AND RECORD THE RESULTS OF EACH EVENT IN Excel. ( Note: If you do not die, you can find a virtual die-rolling program located at the following Web site:

Construct a bar graph and probability distribution of your experiment. This is to also be in Excel

Interpret the results of this expert, answering the following questions:

What are the random variables for your experiment? Explain the meaning of your random variables.

Do you believe that the results of your experiment are discrete or continuous? Explain

Is your experiment a probability distribution? In other words, are all conditions of a distribution satisfied? Explain.

Is your experiment a binomial probability distribution? Explain if all conditions are net or not.


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